Competitiveness: Although he doesn’t have the ideal size you want..."/>

Competitiveness: Although he doesn’t have the ideal size you want..."/>

Kendall Hunter Scouting Report


Competitiveness: Although he doesn’t have the ideal size you want in an NFL running back, Kendall Hunter is a tough, hard-nosed runner. He’s very decisive and when he sees a hole, he shows no hesitation. Doesn’t dance around in the backfield. Will not shy away from contact. Seldomly looks to run out of bounds. Does a nice job of keeping his legs churning and will lower his shoulder to pick up an extra yard or two. After a frustrating junior season where he dealt with some injuries, bounced back and had a very productive senior year.

Vision/Patience: Able to run inside or outside. Shows the vision to bounce it when the middle is clogged. Also does a nice job of seeing cutback lanes to gain additional yardage. Displays good peripheral vision as well. Sometimes gets a little impatient and doesn’t let the hole develop. Would like to see him use better ball security by putting both hands on the ball, especially when contact is being made.

Agility/ Acceleration: Shows good burst and explosion through the hole. Has quick feet and is able to change direction quickly and effortlessly. Shows some elusiveness by making defenders miss in space. Doesn’t have game breaking speed, but is capable of making big plays if he gets to the second and third levels. Is more quick than fast. Due to his size and quickness, it is hard to get a clean hit on him.

Power/Balance: Short, but by no means is he small.  Has strong, thick legs that he uses to churn out extra yardage. Has enough strength to break tackles consistently. Often takes more than one guy to bring him down. Has a tendency to carry defenders for that extra yardage. Has the ability to bounce off tackles, maintain balance, and keep going. Tends to fall forward more often than not. Shows an above average stiff arm that he uses to keep defenders at bay. Uses his low center of gravity to his advantage. Though a hard runner, is not going be a guy you give the ball to on short yardage and goal line situations.

Passing Game: A willing blocker that gives great effort, but does not have the strength to stand up to bigger pass rushers. Overall does a nice job of picking up the blitz, but there are times when he has trouble recognizing where it is coming from. In certain situations, will line up in the slot or outside the numbers. Is capable of turning screens into big plays. Shows reliable hands when given the opportunity. Would like to see him more involved in the passing game. Amassed only 20 catches as a senior and a total of 63 for his career.

Intangibles: Three year starter at Oklahoma State. Named First Team All-Big 12 in 2008 and 2010. Selected as a First Team All-American in 2010. Led the Big 12 in rushing in 2008 and 2010. Finished his career as the fourth leading rusher in school history.

Overall Stock: Kendall Hunter is apart of a very deep running back class in this year’s draft. He runs with heart and determination and has big play ability. Had a very productive college career. Will need to work on his pass protection at the next level. May not be able to carry the full load at the next level because of his size and the concern for injury. Guys like Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice have proved that it can be done though. At the very least, Hunter will be a solid 3rd down  and change of pace back, getting 12-15 touches a game. Running backs always seem to fall on draft day, but Hunter should come off the board no later than the 3rd round, with an outside chance of being a 2nd round selection.

NFL Comparison: A smaller version of Pierre Thomas

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