Predicting trades in the NFL draft can be a daunting task. With so many variables going i..."/> Predicting trades in the NFL draft can be a daunting task. With so many variables going i..."/>

Miami Dolphins Trade Possibilities


Predicting trades in the NFL draft can be a daunting task. With so many variables going into the decisions that a team’s GM, and coach will have to make, trades can be unpredictable. In the 90’s Jimmy Johnson came up with a draft pick value chart that would help clear the air and create a way for teams to see a tangible number and determine if a trade would benefit both teams.

Using this chart I examined potential trade options for the Dolphins and the 15th overall pick. With no 2nd round pick, (traded to Denver in the Brandon Marshall trade) and so many needs to fill the Dolphins will ideally want to trade down and get more value for a position of need, and get back into the 2nd round. With that being said there are several teams that are in need of players and could be willing to trade up to ensure they get the players they want.  With so much uncertainty over the CBA teams will be looking for safe players that they are sure can make an impact for their team. Trading up could be a way to ensure you get that player you think can be an impact player right away.

Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs trade:

Miami gives:

1st rounder #15 (1050)

4th rounder #111(72)

6th rounder #179 (20.8)

Kansas City gives:

1st rounder #21 (800)

2nd rounder #55 (350)

If the Chiefs feel a pressing need to move up to take an offensive lineman or outside linebacker they could make this move. The Chiefs are in the market for an offensive lineman. If the Chiefs feel that Mike Pouncey could be a long term answer to protect Matt Cassel and create holes for Jamal Charles, the attention the dolphins have shown could cause KC to move up and snag him. The Chiefs are also in the market for a pass rusher. There are so many in this draft that one is more than likely to fall to the Chiefs.  Kansas City has 8 picks in the draft, and could stand to make a trade for a player they think would be worth it.

Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons trade:

Miami gives:

1st rounder #15 (1050)

Atlanta gives:

1st rounder 27 (680)

2nd rounder 59 (310)

4th rounder 124 (48)

Atlanta is in need of a pass rusher. They have been said to have a serious interest in Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue. The problem is Jacksonville has shown interest in Kerrigan also. Trading up with the Dolphins would put the Falcons a spot ahead of Jacksonville but the numbers don’t add up. While Atlanta has 9 picks in the draft  they would have to be in love with Kerrigan to give up this many draft picks. If Robert Quinn somehow drops to the Dolphins at 15, he could be a game changer and make this a real possibility.

Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade:

Miami gives:

1st rounder 15th (1050)

3rd rounder  79th (195)

Tampa Bay gives:

1st rounder 20th (850)

2nd rounder 51st (390)

7th rounder 222 (3.6)

7th rounder 238 (1.6)

Tampa Bay is in need of a presence other than Gerald McCoy on the defensive line. At 15 they could have their pick of the litter with Da’quan Bowers, Ryan Kerrigan, Cameron Jordan, Justin Houston, and Adrian Clayborn who could all still be there at 15. While Tampa could wait it out and hope one of these linemen will fall to them at 20, they could pull the trigger on a draft day trade to ensure that they get the book end rusher they desperately need. In the trade Tampa would lose its second, and both 7th rounder’s, but gain another 3rd round pick to add depth to their roster. This could be in serious contention as Tampa Bay has shown serious interest in J.J Watt, and Ryan Kerrigan who the jaguars have also targeted. With Jacksonville picking one spot behind the dolphins Tampa Bay could jump them and have their choice of the top ends at 15.

Miami Dolphins trade with Chicago Bears:

Miami Gives:

1st rounder 15 (1050)

7th rounder 235th (1.9)

Chicago gives:

1st rounder 29th (640)

2nd rounder 79th (284)

3rd rounder 93rd (128)

Chicago is in dire need for support on the offensive line. They have invested money and the future of their team on the arm of Jay Cutler. The Bears led the NFL in sacks allowed with 60 last year. A trade with the Dolphins though is probably unlikely. More likely than not the Bears will get an offensive lineman like Nate Solder, Derek Sherrod,  or even Gabe Carimi.  Giving up your first three picks in the draft for a player that will more than likely be available at 29 is not smart. Also the Dolphins will likely be looking to trade down, but not all the way to 29. They still have needs to fill and while the 2nd and additional 3rd rounder would be nice, they would have a better offer on the table with a team picking higher in the first round.

Miami Dolphins Trade with New Orleans:

Miami gives:

1st rounder 15th (1050)

4th rounder 146th (33)

New Orleans gives:

1st rounder 24th (740)

2nd rounder 56th (340)

The Saints are another team looking to upgrade their defensive line. Unlike the other teams the Saints do not necessarily need a player who can come in and start right away.  They also can take either a defensive Tackle or a defensive end. With this draft so deep in talent at both positions the Saints it is unlikely the Saints would want to trade out of the second round to move up and take one of these players at 15.

Miami Dolphins trade with Seattle Seahawks:

Miami gives:

1st rounder 15th (1050)

Seattle gives:

1st rounder 25th (720)

2nd rounder 57th (330)

Seattle is in a tricky position. They traded for Charlie Whitehurst last season and signed him to a 2 year deal worth $8 million. With only one year left on his deal Seattle, and Matt Hasselbeck turning 36 in September, they could decide to take a signal caller in this year’s draft. They would not necessarily have to trade up to get a quarterback, but moving up in the draft would allow them to take the quarterback they want, rather than settling for one who is still there when they pick at 25. If a third quarterback is picked before the Dolphins pick at 15 Seattle could be desperate to move up and take the signal caller they covet. On the other hand Seattle is still in the infancy stages of building a franchise and they might not be willing to give up another pick rather trading down for more picks and taking the best available player wherever they land.