NFC North Free Agency Outlook

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The NFC North is a good division overall, but how can they catch the Packers?  Read on to find out.

BOLD needs are biggest needs.

Chicago Bears [$15m]


Outlook: Positive, but volatile.  Anytime you have Jay Cutler at the helm, you are going to be inconsistent.  Maybe Mike Martz can rein him in a bit, but I have my doubts.  They don’t have a ridiculous amount of needs and a decent amount of money to spend, and they did an overwhelmingly good job in the draft with their first two picks OT Carimi and DT Paea.

My guess: The Bears go after former Viking WR Sidney Rice.  The guy is a big, legit chain-mover and deep threat that will complement shifty-speeders Hester and Knox.  I think they will also look for OT help in Jared Gaither, who has potential to play LT, but can play RT as well. Don’t expect them to make a run at a big-name safety, it’s simply not there style (sorry Bears fans).   I think the Bears will mostly look for offensive line help and will just look for depth elsewhere, they got their big-fish last year.