The BCS Nightmare Continues!

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Since the 2000 season TCU has gone 108-29, Utah 96-39, BYU 88-50 and Boise State has amassed a 124-18 record, with four undefeated regular seasons, but failed to do any better than to play against a two loss Oklahoma team that was supposed to crush Boise in the Fiesta Bowl back in January of 2007.

How’d that work out for Oklahoma? Oh yea, they lost 43-42 to the Blue Smurfs!

But you say, wait a minute! The Mountain West and WAC both got their shots at the Big Time in the BCS Bowls and you have a point. The only problem is that their chances for the most part came against either lesser opponents or against themselves.

The year Boise State beat Oklahoma (2006 season), Ohio State and Notre Dame were being annihilated by Florida (41-14) and LSU (41-14). I dare say that even if by some outside chance that Boise State actually lost to either of these SEC juggernauts the final score would have, at the very least, been respectable.

Again you say, whoa Nellie! Didn’t two non-BCS schools get into the 2009 BCS Bowls? And you’re absolutely right! Both Boise State and TCU made it into the BCS Bowl games. The problem is they played each other in the Fiesta Bowl and nothing was proven other than they were excellent teams, as was evidenced by the final score, a 17-10 Boise State victory and the two schools combined won/loss records of 26-1. The Big Boys were scared to death to strap on a helmet against either of these unworthy opponents.

Hang on you say? Wasn’t it just a scant three years ago in 2008 that Alabama gave lowly Utah a shot at the Big Time? And right you are! The Crimson Tide left that game not only bloody Crimson but also black and blue. They got spanked by Utah 31-17. And, that is why a year later none of the mighty BCS schools would give TCU or Boise State the time of day.

Stop the presses you say! TCU got to the Rose Bowl in 2010 and played Wisconsin, which in my estimation was the 3rd best team in the Country next to TCU and Auburn. Did I just say Oregon was overrated? TCU beat Wisconsin in a great game 21-19. Problem here is that even back-to-back undefeated seasons by TCU were not enough to get them into the game they deserved to play, the BCS National Championship game!

And, at the same time that TCU got the snub, Boise State was relegated, with an 11-1 record, to the December 22nd Las Vegas Bowl where they beat-up on Utah 26-3, another non-BCS school. Can you say snubbed again?

I guess if the Big Boys wait long enough the non-BCS powers such as: Boise State, TCU, Utah and BYU, that combined for a .754 winning percentage since 2000, will cycle back down into the herd and be safe to play.

Will 2011 be the year that the real best teams in the Country get to play each other regardless of race, creed or color? Don’t hold your breath!