The Top Ten 2011 NFL Unrestricted Free Agents

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10. Eric Weddle, Chargers, 26 years old (FS)

Weddle is one of the best safeties in the game and with the 2011 free agent class not being very deep at the position, he will be in high demand.  He is an excellent tackler who has also proven to have above average ball skills.  Any team with a need at safety will be sure to make a very lucrative offer to this Chargers defensive back.

9. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants, 25 years old (RB)

Bradshaw proved last year that he is one of the most versatile running backs in the game.  He is still young and the only reason he isn’t ranked higher on my list is that he has had to battle through some injuries. Although he rarely misses games, he has had to avoid participating in practice.  Even still there will be a number of teams looking to add Bradhsaw to their back field.

8. Johnathan Joseph, Bengals, 27 years old (CB)

Joseph is an exceptional corner who would have been more hyped had his free agency year not taken place at the same time as Asomugah’s.  If Asomugah goes off the market quickly on Friday, Joseph will become one of the hottest commodities available.  And he should be considered better then a consolation prize for whomever signs him.

7. Aubrayo Franklin, 49ers, 31 years old (NT)

Other than a quarterback, a nose tackle might be the hardest position to fill for teams who sport a 3-4 defense.  Rarely do you see really good nose tackles hit the open market still in their prime.  Although Franklin is already 31 years old, he still has a number of solid years of football left in him and there are teams who would love to add his ability and experience to their defense.

6. Ray Edwards, Vikings, 26 years old (DE)

Edwards is not an elite pass rusher but he is one of the best defensive ends at setting the edge against the run.  Being that he is still in his prime there will be a number of teams looking to add his type of ability.

5. Sidney Rice, Vikings, 25 years old (WR)

Rice has battled through some injury trouble since entering into the league, but when he is healthy he has proven to be one of the most dynamic deep threats in the game.  A number of teams will ignore the games he has missed and focus solely on his big play ability.  I expect Rice to become one of the highest paid receivers in the league.

4. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers, 27 years old (RB)

Williams is a multidimensional running back with big play ability.  If healthy he is practically a guarantee to run for over one thousand yards no matter who he ends up playing for.  If Carolina lets Williams test the open market he will not last long.

3. Charles Johnson, Panthers, 25 years old (DE)

Johnson is coming off a tremendous season where he posted 11.5 sacks coming off of the edge for the Panthers.  Considering pass rushers are always in demand in the NFL the Panthers might find themselves having to replace their best defensive player for the second off season in a row.

2. Santonio Holmes, Jets, 27 years old (WR)

Holmes is a talented receiver with a pedigree for playing his best when the games mean most.  If the Jets can’t get him resigned there will be a number of teams lining up to make him their number one wide out and one of the highest paid offensive players in the league.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders, 24 years old (CB)

Asomugha is the crown jewel of this years free agency class. Rarely do players of his ability hit the open market.  Asomugha is top five defensive player in the game and he will continue to be paid like one.  I would imagine every team in the league have had discussions about bringing this shut down corner into the fold.  I would imagine that if Asomugha chooses to leave Oakland, that it will be to sign with a contender.