Staff Fantasy Draft

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Round: 1
(1) Team MacDonell – Adrian Peterson RB
(2) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Arian Foster RB
(3) Team Dr. Bialas – Aaron Rodgers QB
(4) Tool Bags – Jamaal Charles RB
(5) Team de la Torre – Ray Rice RB
(6) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Michael Vick QB
(7) All Hail Megatron81 – Andre Johnson WR
(8) Santisima Muerte – Chris Johnson RB
(9) Hamilton The Trolls – Calvin Johnson WR
** (10) Prestige Worldwide – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(11) Team Fronczak – LeSean McCoy RB
(12) Team Calloway – Roddy White WR

My pick – MJD: I really hoped Chris Johnson would keep falling but no suck luck. If this was a PPR league McCoy would have been my choice. Mendenhall fumbles too much for my liking so I settled on MJD despite injury risks. If you do draft MJD it is vital to handcuff Rashad Jennings later in the draft (which luckily I did).

Best Value – Chris Johnson: Big asterisk here as he needs to end his holdout but he can produce #1 overall pick numbers at pick 8.

Biggest Reach – LeSean McCoy: In standard scoring I think he’s late 2nd early 3rd value. He’s not going to get goal-line work and Vick’s presence will cut his production. He has huge value in PPR leagues but in standards he’s a high-end #2 back.

Round: 2
(13) Team Calloway – Rashard Mendenhall RB
(14) Team Fronczak – Frank Gore RB
** (15) Prestige Worldwide – Greg Jennings WR
(16) Hamilton The Trolls – Larry Fitzgerald WR
(17) Santisima Muerte – Drew Brees QB
(18) All Hail Megatron81 – Tom Brady QB
(19) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Michael Turner RB
(20) Team de la Torre – Mike Wallace WR
(21) Tool Bags – Philip Rivers QB
(22) Team Dr. Bialas – Peyton Manning QB
(23) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Darren McFadden RB
(24) Team MacDonell – Hakeem Nicks WR

My Pick – Greg Jennings: Went with stability of QB here. Fitzgerald might bounce back with Kolb but I wasn’t willing to gamble on it.

Best Value – Darren McFadden: At pick 23 he can easily produce 1st round numbers when healthy. But therein lies the dilemma…he’s only healthy about 75% of the time. I still really like the pick here.

Biggest Reach – Peyton Manning: I realize he’s been about as close to automatic as there is for over a decade but the injury concerns are very real at this point. I know his teammates are saying he’ll be there when the regular season starts, but I think part of that is just a psychological need to believe that. I could be over-analyzing but too many red flags for me here.

Round: 3
(25) Team MacDonell – Steven Jackson RB
(26) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Reggie Wayne WR
(27) Team Dr. Bialas – Mark Ingram RB
(28) Tool Bags – Vincent Jackson WR
(29) Team de la Torre – Dez Bryant WR
(30) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Miles Austin WR
(31) All Hail Megatron81 – Matt Forte RB
(32) Santisima Muerte – DeSean Jackson WR
(33) Hamilton The Trolls – LeGarrette Blount RB
** (34) Prestige Worldwide – Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(35) Team Fronczak – Peyton Hillis RB
(36) Team Calloway – Mike Williams WR

My Pick – Ahmad Bradshaw: I missed out on the player I really wanted (LeGarrette Blount) by 1 pick and settled for Bradshaw. He’s another player with injury concerns but he also gets the lion’s share of touches when he’s healthy (sensing a pattern here?).

Best Value – Steven Jackson: He finally has a QB again that defenses will have to respect and no real competition for carries (Cadillac Williams is a 3rd down back at this point and no threat to take goal-line carries).

Biggest Reach – Mark Ingram: There were a couple this round but Ingram was the biggest reach by far IMO. I know he’s talented but he has lot of competition for touches (Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles) and a coach who switches personnel packages so much he makes Mike Shanahan look like Tony Dungy.

Round: 4
(37) Team Calloway – Ryan Grant RB
(38) Team Fronczak – Antonio Gates TE
** (39) Prestige Worldwide – DeAngelo Williams RB
(40) Hamilton The Trolls – Tony Romo QB
(41) Santisima Muerte – Ryan Mathews RB
(42) All Hail Megatron81 – Knowshon Moreno RB
(43) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Marques Colston WR
(44) Team de la Torre – Matt Ryan QB
(45) Tool Bags – Jonathan Stewart RB
(46) Team Dr. Bialas – Jeremy Maclin WR
(47) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Matt Schaub QB
(48) Team MacDonell – Brandon Marshall WR

Round: 5
(49) Team MacDonell – Josh Freeman QB
(50) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Felix Jones RB
(51) Team Dr. Bialas – Cedric Benson RB
(52) Tool Bags – Santonio Holmes WR
(53) Team de la Torre – Percy Harvin WR
(54) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Dwayne Bowe WR
(55) All Hail Megatron81 – Jahvid Best RB
(56) Santisima Muerte – Dallas Clark TE
(57) Hamilton The Trolls – Steve Johnson WR
** (58) Prestige Worldwide – Ben Roethlisberger QB
(59) Team Fronczak – Brandon Lloyd WR
(60) Team Calloway – Shonn Greene RB

Best Value – Percy Harvin: He’s now the unchallenged top option in the passing game with the departure of Sindey Rice to Seattle. People are really down on Donovan McNabb but his numbers weren’t that bad last year when you consider what he had to work with in Washington last year (for the purposes of this discussion we’ll define it as abysmal).

Biggest Reach – Ryan Matthews: Full disclosure, I am a recovering Matthews owner. Still, there are a lot of reasons to be wary here. He showed up to camp out of shape, Mike Tolbert is going to poach touches and goal-line carries and we still don’t know if he’s even any good. 4th round was way to early in my opinion.

Round: 6
(61) Team Calloway – Austin Collie WR
(62) Team Fronczak – Kenny Britt WR
** (63) Prestige Worldwide – Wes Welker WR
(64) Hamilton The Trolls – Marshawn Lynch RB
(65) Santisima Muerte – Sidney Rice WR
(66) All Hail Megatron81 – Mario Manningham WR
(67) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Jermichael Finley TE
(68) Team de la Torre – Jason Witten TE
(69) Tool Bags – Daniel Thomas RB
(70) Team Dr. Bialas – Greg Olsen TE
(71) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Santana Moss WR
(72) Team MacDonell – Vernon Davis TE

Round: 7
(73) Team MacDonell – Anquan Boldin WR
(74) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Owen Daniels TE
(75) Team Dr. Bialas – Pierre Garcon WR
(76) Tool Bags – James Starks RB
(77) Team de la Torre – Chad Ochocinco WR
(78) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Joseph Addai RB
(79) All Hail Megatron81 – Ryan Williams RB
(80) Santisima Muerte – Johnny Knox WR
(81) Hamilton The Trolls – Mike Tolbert RB
** (82) Prestige Worldwide – Fred Jackson RB
(83) Team Fronczak – BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(84) Team Calloway – Matthew Stafford QB

Best Value – Mike Tolbert: I think at the end of the year he’ll be the lead back in San Diego. Turner trusts him and he prefers to have one main back. Tolbert is solid in pass protection, protects the ball and is strong at the goal-line. Ryan Williams would have been the choice before his devastating injury Friday night.

Biggest Reach – Austin Collie: A lot to pick from here but Collie is the biggest reach. He’s a 3rd WR on a team where the QB might not be ready to start the season and he’s one more big hit away from his career being over.

Round: 8
(85) Team Calloway – Jimmy Graham TE
(86) Team Fronczak – Eli Manning QB
** (87) Prestige Worldwide – Robert Meachem WR
(88) Hamilton The Trolls – Beanie Wells RB
(89) Santisima Muerte – Ryan Torain RB
(90) All Hail Megatron81 – Mike Thomas WR
(91) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Roy Williams WR
(92) Team de la Torre – Pierre Thomas RB
(93) Tool Bags – Malcom Floyd WR
(94) Team Dr. Bialas – Michael Bush RB
(95) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Packers D/ST D/ST
(96) Team MacDonell – Steve Smith WR

Round: 9
(97) Team MacDonell – Joe Flacco QB
(98) Team Wearin the 4-5 – C.J. Spiller RB
(99) Team Dr. Bialas – Plaxico Burress WR
(100) Tool Bags – Sam Bradford QB
(101) Team de la Torre – Julio Jones WR
(102) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Brandon Jacobs RB
(103) All Hail Megatron81 – A.J. Green WR
(104) Santisima Muerte – Jordy Nelson WR
(105) Hamilton The Trolls – Mike Sims-Walker WR
** (106) Prestige Worldwide – Kellen Winslow TE
(107) Team Fronczak – Steelers D/ST D/ST
(108) Team Calloway – Tim Hightower RB

Round: 10
(109) Team Calloway – Danny Amendola WR
(110) Team Fronczak – Marcedes Lewis TE
** (111) Prestige Worldwide – Rashad Jennings RB
(112) Hamilton The Trolls – Willis McGahee RB
(113) Santisima Muerte – Thomas Jones RB
(114) All Hail Megatron81 – Reggie Bush RB
(115) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Lance Moore WR
(116) Team de la Torre – LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(117) Tool Bags – Zach Miller TE
(118) Team Dr. Bialas – Roy Helu RB
(119) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Nate Kaeding K
(120) Team MacDonell – Braylon Edwards WR

Best Value – Beanie Wells: This might be unfair since we drafted Tuesday and Ryan Williams wasn’t injured until Friday but value is value. Wells now has virtually no competition for touches. If Kolb improves their passing game to at least average (as opposed to God-awful which is what it was last year) Wells could very well prove to be the best value in the draft.

Biggest Reach – Nate Kaeding: Never draft a kicker before the last round. Read that line again.

Round: 11
(121) Team MacDonell – Jerome Harrison RB
(122) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Kevin Kolb QB
(123) Team Dr. Bialas – Jets D/ST D/ST
(124) Tool Bags – Lee Evans WR
(125) Team de la Torre – Eagles D/ST D/ST
(126) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Jason Snelling RB
(127) All Hail Megatron81 – Lance Kendricks TE
(128) Santisima Muerte – Deion Branch WR
(129) Hamilton The Trolls – Chris Cooley TE
** (130) Prestige Worldwide – Mike Goodson RB
(131) Team Fronczak – Jay Cutler QB
(132) Team Calloway – Kyle Orton QB

Round: 12
(133) Team Calloway – Saints D/ST D/ST
(134) Team Fronczak – Matt Cassel QB
** (135) Prestige Worldwide – Ryan Fitzpatrick QB
(136) Hamilton The Trolls – Bears D/ST D/ST
(137) Santisima Muerte – Chargers D/ST D/ST
(138) All Hail Megatron81 – Anthony Armstrong WR
(139) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Ravens D/ST D/ST
(140) Team de la Torre – Danny Woodhead RB
(141) Tool Bags – Dolphins D/ST D/ST
(142) Team Dr. Bialas – Michael Crabtree WR
(143) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Montario Hardesty RB
(144) Team MacDonell – Hines Ward WR

Round: 13
(145) Team MacDonell – Ronnie Brown RB
(146) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Jabar Gaffney WR
(147) Team Dr. Bialas – Toby Gerhart RB
(148) Tool Bags – Patriots D/ST D/ST
(149) Team de la Torre – Arrelious Benn WR
(150) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Derrick Ward RB
(151) All Hail Megatron81 – Donovan McNabb QB
(152) Santisima Muerte – Justin Forsett RB
(153) Hamilton The Trolls – Brandon Pettigrew TE
** (154) Prestige Worldwide – Mohamed Massaquoi WR
(155) Team Fronczak – James Jones WR
(156) Team Calloway – Javon Ringer RB

Best Value – Brandon Pettigrew: Gifted athlete who’s going to benefit from attention to Megatron and Nate Burleson. Success hinges on Stafford staying healthy but he can produce top-5 TE scoring in round 13.

Biggest Reach – Arrelious Benn: I’m a Bucs fan and think he’s an extremely talented player but here’s the sitch – he’s coming off ACL surgery, Dezmon Briscoe is running ahead of him at flanker and having a GREAT camp and even when he does get on the field he’s going to be the 3rd option at best after Mike Williams and Kellen Winslow.

Round: 14
(157) Team Calloway – Jerome Simpson WR
(158) Team Fronczak – Ricky Williams RB
** (159) Prestige Worldwide – Delone Carter RB
(160) Hamilton The Trolls – Marion Barber RB
(161) Santisima Muerte – Mike Williams WR
(162) All Hail Megatron81 – Todd Heap TE
(163) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Colt McCoy QB
(164) Team de la Torre – Jonathan Baldwin WR
(165) Tool Bags – Rob Gronkowski TE
(166) Team Dr. Bialas – Stephen Gostkowski K
(167) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Danario Alexander WR
(168) Team MacDonell – Tony Gonzalez TE

Round: 15
(169) Team MacDonell – Giants D/ST D/ST
(170) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Darren Sproles RB
(171) Team Dr. Bialas – Brent Celek TE
(172) Tool Bags – Ben Tate RB
(173) Team de la Torre – Aaron Hernandez TE
(174) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Davone Bess WR
(175) All Hail Megatron81 – Lions D/ST D/ST
(176) Santisima Muerte – Randy Moss WR
(177) Hamilton The Trolls – Derrick Mason WR
** (178) Prestige Worldwide – Buccaneers D/ST D/ST
(179) Team Fronczak – Mark Sanchez QB
(180) Team Calloway – Jared Cook TE

Round: 16
(181) Team Calloway – Josh Brown K
(182) Team Fronczak – Neil Rackers K
** (183) Prestige Worldwide – Alex Henery K
(184) Hamilton The Trolls – Mason Crosby K
(185) Santisima Muerte – Lawrence Tynes K
(186) All Hail Megatron81 – Rob Bironas K
(187) Island of Dan Snyders Misfits – Garrett Hartley K
(188) Team de la Torre – Matt Bryant K
(189) Tool Bags – Dan Carpenter K
(190) Team Dr. Bialas – Titus Young WR
(191) Team Wearin the 4-5 – Fred Davis TE
(192) Team MacDonell – Sebastian Janikowski K

Best Value – Ben Tate: Hard to find a standout pick here as the last few rounds of a 12 team draft always remind me of a Party City at 9:00pm on Halloween night. But Tate has looked great in camp. Granted it would take an injury to Arian Foster but if that were to happen Tate has the potential to put up some big numbers.

Biggest Reach – Derrick Mason: Again hard to see a reach at this point in the draft given what we’re picking from but here goes. I just don’t see the value in a 3rd WR on a run-first team with a QB who struggles to complete 50% of his passes.

And that’s our draft. We’ll be updating throughout the year on how the league is doing so check back each week.