The Top Ten Fictional Football Players (With Video)

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10. Robert Boucher, Linebacker, University of Louisiana Muddogs: (The Water Boy [Movie] 1998)

9. Alvin Mack, Linebacker, ESU Timberwolves: (The Program [Movie] 1993)

8. Paul Crewe, Quarterback, Mean Mchine: (The Longest Yard [Movie] 1974)

7. Billy Bob, Offensive Tackle, West Canaan High: (Varsity Blues [Movie] 1999)

6. Forrest Gump, Kick Returner, University of Alabama: (Forrest Gump [Movie] 1994)

5. Rod Tidwell, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals: (Jerry Maguire [Movie] 1996)

4. Albert Clifford “A.C.” Slater, Quarterback, Bayside Tigers: (Saved by the Bell [TV] 1989-1993)

3. Tim Riggins, Fullback, Dillon Panthers: (Friday Night Lights [TV] 2006-2011)

2. Joe Kane, Quarterback, ESU Timberwolves: (The Program [Movie]  1993)

1. Willie Beamen, Quarterback, Miami Sharks: (Any Given Sunday [Movie] 1999)