Fantasy Football: You Heard it Here First Part 2 AFC

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AFC East

Patriots: The top fantasy producing WR is not currently on their roster

That’s right, despite the acquisition of Chad Ochocinco and a healthy Wes Welker, the best fantasy WR is not on the Patriots yet. Watch for the Pats passing attack to struggle early on and for them to seek out a former receiver. Here’s a hint his name rhymes with Mandy Ross.

Jets: No fantasy player on the Jets finishes in the top 15 for their position.

This lumps in Greene, Holmes, Plax, Sanchez, and anyone else besides the team defense. The Jets will be a good real world team but they will be in many low scoring affairs, and have not changed the landscape much to justify anyone climbing the rankings. Stay away from the J-E-T-S players if you can.

Dolphins: Reggie Bush finishes as a top 15 RB

Daniel Thomas has struggled throughout the preseason and Reggie is currently the number 1 in that backfield. With a lackluster passing attack captained by Chad Henne, look for the Dolphins to give Bush an incredible amount of carries this year.

Bills: CJ Spiller finishes as a top 15 RB

Fred Jackson is getting up there in age and Spiller has the break away speed to put points on the board. Just a short time ago, Spiller was a top 10 draft pick and hasn’t truly been given a fair shot. Look for the Bills to transfer the reigns of the Bills’ backfield to Spiller.

AFC North

Steelers: Big Ben is the only player to finish in the top 10 for their position

Maybe not the most earth shattering proclamation but it might shock some Mendenhall owners. Just like with the Jets, the Steelers are not loaded with fantasy talent outside of their defense. Mike Wallace is the clear WR threat there and I expect defenses to double him all season long (look at the preseason). Mendenhall is coming off a season with over 370 touches (if you count the post season), so watch for him to have a not insignificant injury.

Ravens: Lee Evans finishes as a top 20 WR

Evans has finally found a quarterback who is going to use his skill set, speed. Evans is a true burner with quality hands and Flacco has one of the best deep balls in football. Evans isn’t being drafted until the very late rounds, so look to draft him in round 11-12. Who knows, Evans has the talent and finally the situation to be this years Mike Wallace.

Browns: Peyton Hillis finishes as a top 10 RB

At first glance this might not seem shocking at all, but take a look at the rest of the fantasy football world. Most if not all are predicting Hillis to have a down year, and possibly get injured after last year. Well while others are zigging, I’m sagging. Hillis has rare physical talent and has more miles left on his tires than people expect. Also the Browns will be increasing Colt McCoy’s responsibilities, which means not as much pounding every game for Hillis. While I’m usually a believer in the Madden Curse, I say watch for this cover boy to stay healthy all season long.

Bengals: Clinton Portis finishes the year as their most productive RB

I know Portis is still a free agent and the Bengals have Benson and Bernard Scott but I’m not sold on either one. Benson is currently serving a short sentence in jail before the season starts and Scott has failed to step up as the number 1. The Bengals have a history of bringing in troubled or suspect players who have been cast out by other teams. I don’t like Portis at all as a fantasy option but hey may be starting in Cincy before week 8.