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Tony Romo might be the least clutch athlete in all of professional sports.  His melt down at the end of last nights game against the Jets was really alarming.  Not because he fumbled the ball on a play where he was trying to make something happen, but his decision to  continue to target an injured Dez Bryant throughout the fourth quarter and who was blanketed by the leagues best corner, Darelle Revis, was idiotic.  And it lead to an inexcusable interception that cost the Cowboys a game they should have easily won.  But the really sad part is that this has been a trend for Romo throughout his career.  His biggest gaffes always happen when the game is on the line.  Romo was excellent for the first three quarters last night and he showed that he has the talent to be an elite passer, but his inability to finish games will prevent him from ever reaching that status.