Thank You Roary/Prospect Watch

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I’ve seen the tape. I know Roary, the Lion’s mascot, was out to sabotage thousands of fantasy football teams, including mine. Look at this picture. You can just see the devilish look in his eyes. He wanted Jamaal Charles out of the picture and he stopped at nothing to get his way. We all have known that feeling where you are watching a game and you just happen to catch the phrase “carted off the field.” You didn’t catch the name but your heart has already sunk into your stomach and you just pray it isn’t a player on your team. Then the truth sets in, it is your player and you’re left combing the waiver wire for players like Roy Helu or Deji Karim. Just didn’t know that my moment was going to at the hands of a oversized, fake Lion (I know it was really a freak first down marker I should be mad at). Luckily enough my 5 ”prospect watch”  players had a better weekend…