NFL Draft


At this early juncture of the season, it appears that there are three top “contenders” for securing the #1 overall pick and the right to draft Andrew Luck. The Colts, Chiefs and Dolphins all have the look of teams that might finish in that 2-14, 3-13 range that it’ll take to get him. There are still other teams (Rams, Vikings, Seahawks, etc.) that may play their way into the top spot, but right now my money is on one of these three securing his services.

Obviously, any team that gets the #1 overall pick would have to consider drafting Luck, but how many teams would do so with the intention of making him their starting quarterback? For instance, if the Chargers’ season collapsed and they ended up picking #1, would they really entertain taking Luck and starting him with Philip Rivers around? Very doubtful.

In looking across the league, teams can be placed into one of three categories when it comes to drafting and playing Andrew Luck (again, the key here being playing – not trading): would not draft Luck, would definitely draft Luck and would consider drafting Luck:

Would Not Draft Luck (12)

Packers, Saints (assuming Brees signs his extension), Steelers, Buccaneers, Lions (though if Stafford gets hurt again, all bets are off), Eagles, Rams, Atlanta, San Diego, Carolina, Arizona (only because of what they just gave up for Kolb), New England

Would Definitely Draft Luck (13)*

Kansas City, Tennessee, Miami, Oakland, Denver, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Cleveland,

Minnesota, Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, Buffalo

* Yes, I’m aware that many of these teams have recently drafted a quarterback – but I don’t think you pass up on the best quarterback prospect in the last 15 years because you have Jake Locker or Colt McCoy.

Would Consider Drafting Luck (7)

Baltimore – Flacco has been very up and down so far, not sure he’s ever going to take that next step

Indianapolis – only because of Manning’s health.

Houston – Matt Schaub is a very good quarterback, but is he elite?

Chicago – Martz loves his toys and Cutler has been taking a beating.

Dallas – Is there any doubt that Jerry Jones would take Luck?

NY Jets – Sanchez has been okay but has know where near the physical ability of Luck.

NY Giants – let’s be honest, since the Super Bowl season Eli has been average.

To me, it’s this last group of teams that’s interesting. Would the Ravens really take Luck after having invested so much in Flacco? Could the Giants cut ties with Eli Manning so soon after winning a Super Bowl? I believe the teams on this list would seriously have to consider doing so, especially considering that drafting Luck would allow them trade their existing quarterback for other assets.

What do you think? What teams on this list should be moved to other categories?