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Carson Palmer Has Been Traded to the Oakland Raiders



Carson Palmer has been traded from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders for a first round pick in 2012 and a conditional second round pick in 2013 (This pick becomes a first if the Raiders win a playoff game).  My initial thought’s are that this is a massive overpayment by the Raiders.  Palmer is a thirty two year old quarterback who has been on the decline for the past few seasons.  It is unrealistic to think that at this stage he will come off the couch and regain the dominate ability that he showed earlier in his career. This is a great trade by the Bengals who have now acquired valuable picks that will help them in their rebuild, while also clearing Palmer’s massive salary from their books. Yesterday we discussed how important it was for Mike Brown to put his own emotions aside and take advantage of the desperate Raiders in order to help better his Bengals.  Good for Mike Brown for actually doing this.  Check out my thoughts from yesterday after the jump.

There is some speculation today that disgruntled Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer could be traded to the Oakland Raiders prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline.  It was reported last night by Yahoo Sports Jason Cole that the Raiders did make a call to the Bengals after yesterday’s game.

Yesterday, the Raiders lost the services of starting quarterback Jason Campbell for the season due to a shoulder injury he suffered in their win.  Palmer is in the midst of a holdout and has demanded a trade out of Cincinnati since the offseason.  Bengals owner Mike Brown has refused to give into Palmer’s demands, but with the trade deadline quickly approaching he should put aside his emotions and negotiate a deal with the Raiders that would help the Bengals going forward.

Raiders head coach Hue Jackson is said to be pushing hard for the trade as he is very familiar with Palmer’s ability after working as an assistant with the Bengals from 2004-2006.  A trade would make perfect sense for both teams, but could be difficult to complete becauae of Bengals owner Mike Brown’s refisual to give into Palmer’s demands and the Raiders lack of a 2nd, 3rd and 4th round draft pick’s in the upcoming 2012 Draft.  Still, I am sure something could be worked out that could help the Bengals longterm if Brown is willing to put aside his stubbornness.

If I am the Bengals I make the move.  Andy Dalton has solidified himself as the face of the franchise and a Palmer trade would help the Bengals immensely in their rebuilding efforts.  The Raiders currently have a 4-2 record and they believe they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.  However, they need a veteran quarterback to make that happen and have clearly focussed their attentions on Palmer as the man who could help make that happen.

The Bengals have been given an opportunity to move Palmer for more than he is worth.  Right now the Raiders are the desperate team in negotioans, but if a move is not made, come the offseason, it will be the Bengals who will be faced with the pressure of trying to get Palmer’s high salary off their books.  I don’t believe they will ever have the opportunity to recieve the same compensation that they could force the Raiders to surrender this week.  Bengals owner Mike Brown is stubborn, but he needs to put his own emotions aside to better his franchise.  If a deal is not reached look to the Raiders to investigate the availability of Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton or free agent quarterback David Garrard.