What’s the True Measure of a College Versus Professional Quarterback? And, What Determines a College QBs Draft Position? (Part 2 of 2)


So, what does matter? Could it be performance? Surely a Quarterback’s performance in college will determine their draftability?

Tim Tebow accounted for 2 National championships for the Florida Gators. With Tebow the Gators were 48-7 (an 87.3% winning percentage) in 4 years. Tebow is ranked in the top 25 all time for passing TDs (88) and in the Top 10 all time for rushing TDs (57). But when compared to Cam Newton, JaMarcus Russell and Michael Vick he was and is continuously bashed as a not ready for Prime Time Player and this is before he even gets a chance to lead his NFL team for one full season. Compare Tebow to the combination of JaMarcus Russell, Michael Vick and Cam Newton. Between JaMarcus, Cam, and Michael we have 1 National Championship. We have a combined won/loss record of 67-9 (an 88.2% winning percentage) in 6 years. The trio has 103 passing TDs for 12,778 passing yards compared to Tebow’s 88 passing TDs and 9,285 passing yards. The trio has 2,754 rushing yards with 40 rushing touchdowns compared to Tebow’s 2,947 rushing yards and 57 rushing TDs. Clear advantage goes to Tim Tebow based on the statistical numbers. But at draft time JaMarcus Russell was picked first in the first round, Michael Vick was chosen first in the first round, Cam Newton was selected first in the first round, while Tim Tebow was grabbed by the Denver Broncos with the 25th pick in the first round and criticized harshly have having wasted a first round pick on a player that didn’t really even have a position in the NFL that he fit.

Why were the Broncos criticized for selecting Tebow in the first round, because of his style of play? He was not a true Quarterback. He had a slow release. His arm strength was not there. His passing form was awkward. He ran slow. He ran too much. He would be physically unable to absorb the week-in and week-out pounding he would receive in the NFL, because of his style of play. Why were JaMarcus, Cam and Michael 1st overall picks, because somehow they could pass but Tim Tebow could not. They could run but Tim Tebow could not. They could win but Tim Tebow could not. JaMarcus, Cam and Michael somehow were NFL style Quarterbacks even though statistically Tim Tebow’s college numbers were at, near or above the combined numbers of JaMarcus, Cam and Michael.

So, what is the true measure of a Quarterback? It is a combination of all of the above and more. One of the most important factors is the intangibles, those things that you can’t measure on paper. We are talking heart, determination, confidence, leadership, character and attitude. Tim Tebow measures up to every Quarterback in the NFL when it comes to intangibles. We already know 75% of Michael Vick’s legacy. We already know JaMarcus Russell’s first career legacy (JaMarcus is currently contemplating a comeback.). The jury is still out on cam Newton and Tim Tebow. Maybe in 10 or 15 years we will look back and see that character, attitude, leadership, confidence, determination and heart did make the difference for Mr. Tebow.

The final question is, will the Wisconsin Badgers Quarterback Russell Wilson measure-up or suffer the fate of Tim Tebow? or, that of Michael Vick, Cam Newton and JaMarcus Russell? or, somewhere in between? Only time will tell.

Russell Wilson’s college numbers are 10,488 passing yards, 95 passing TDs, 1,283 rushing yards with 20 rushing TDs and an overall record of 26-20; this won/loss record could very well be 30-20 by the end of the 2011 season.

My prediction, for Russell Wilson, is that some NFL Team will get a diamond in the rough by no later than the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft.