Mock Draft 2.0 Part 1


We’re about half way through the NFL season and 10 worst teams are becoming much more clear. It is also clear who some of the top prospects are, so you know what the means, time for our second mock draft. Keep in mind where we are in the season and how many games and offseason workouts are yet to come. This mock will feature analysis of the top five picks, part 2 will feature picks 6-10. I will be updating the top ten picks at the beginning of each month during the regular season. Keep a look out for some of the biggest movers.

1. Colts – Andrew Luck QB Stanford (same position)

How perfect of a story would it be to see the best prospect in the last twenty years, learn to play quarterback from one of the greatest QBs of all time? The colts are off to a horrific start and there’s no end in sight. It looks like Manning is out for the year and if the Colts are out of the playoff race when it’s time for him to return, I expect the Colts to continue to resting him. With one of the worst defenses in the league (see the game against the Saints), the Colts will definitely be picking in the top 5. At this point the only thing stopping them from selecting Luck first overall would be Luck deferring the draft, again!

2. Dolphins – Landry Jones, QB Oklahoma (up from #9)

The Dolphins are off to a terrible start and I’m not a fan of Landry Jones at all.  However it seems pretty clear that after this season Chad Henne is gone and so is the rest of the Dolphins front office. Whoever the new coach is will want to draft his own qb to mold, and this will push Landry Jones up draft boards. Jones has all the physical tools to play in the NFL but still needs another 2-3 years to mature his game. At this point it’s hard to see the Dolphins not picking in the top 5, and that means a new quarterback is coming to town. While I personally would select USC’s Matt Barkley over Jones, I expect NFL teams to fall in love with Jones’s physical tools.

3. Rams – Matt Kalil, OT USC (up from #8)

The Rams are a complete mess so far this season. Outside of the Rams last 2 first round picks (Sam Bradford Qb, and Robert Quinn DE) they need help at every other position. The receiving corp is insignificant (outside of Lloyd), the secondary isn’t stopping anyone, and that goes double for the offensive line. If the Rams plan on succeeding going forward, they need to protect Bradford, and Jason Smith has been a bust. Kalil is the number one tackle prospect in the country and will be a top five pick. If the Rams have the chance at selecting Kalil, I see no way they can pass him up.

4. Jaguars – Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina (up from #10)

While the Jags have played some sloppy games and treated Garrard like a cheap used toy, they seem to believe in Gabbert. The rookie played well in his first game (in the middle of a monsoon no less), but has fallen back to earth in recent weeks. In fact, Gabbert completed just 1/3 of his passes this past weekend. Jacksonville is allowing Gabbert to sling the ball all over the field, but he needs more weapons. Jeffery is the pick here. I am more of a Justin Blackmon fan myself but Jeffery is a big physical receiver who will allow Mike Thomas to play the #2 role (his more natural position. The wildcard with this pick is a coaching chance. Del Rio has been on the hotseat for many years, and a new coach may choose to scrap Gabbert and select a qb.

5. Browns – Quinton Coples DE, UNC (up from #7)

The Browns have made impressive strides on offense over the past couple of years. They also have a much improved secondary anchored by cornerback Joe Haden. While the Browns jumped out to a few quick victories, they have struggled in the last few weeks. At 3-4, the Browns are also facing the toughest part of their schedule (they face the Ravens and Steelers twice each in the last 5 weeks). The one key ingredient they are missing is an elite pass rusher. Coples is the top defensive end in the country and has Justin Tuck type versatility. Coples can play out wide or slide inside and play as a pass rushing defensive tackle. Despite the improvements, the Browns will post under 6 wins this year and be picking in the top ten.