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Scouting Report – Michael Floyd/WR

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Ball Skills/Ball Security:  Overall shows good, strong hands, but will show a lack of concentration and drop one at times.  For the most part does a nice job of hands catching, but does body catch more than I would like to see.  Not afraid to go over the middle and make the tough catch.  Will take a big hit and hold onto the ball.  Adjusts well to poorly thrown balls.  Does an excellent job of going up and catching the ball at its highest point, especially on the deep ball.  Is capable of making the spectacular catch and then dropping a routine pass.  Rarely fumbled in his college career, but sometimes carries the ball away from his body.    

Separation Skills:  Due to his size and strength, it is hard for smaller DBs to get a good jam on him at the line of scrimmage.  Uses hands well to keep DBs away from him.  Also utilizes a jab step to set up defender and get around him.  Although, once into his routes doesn’t possess game breaking speed to get a lot of separation.  When defender gives him a cushion he shows a good burst off the LOS and getting into his routes.  Size also allows him to entice defenders into pass interference penalties. 

Route Running/Body Control:  Lined up all over the field.  Is a decent route runner, but will need some improvement at the next level.  Does round off his in and out routes at times.  Uses his body well to get position on slants.  Does a nice job on comeback routes of making defender think he is going deep.  Sometimes loses awareness on 3rd downs as he will cut his route short of the sticks and not pick up the 1st down.  Seems to be aware of the sidelines and has the body control to make the catch and keep feet inbounds.  Could do a better job of coming back to the QB and improvising when the play breaks down.

Agility/Acceleration:  Is not a “burner”, but has the athleticism and enough speed to get behind the defense for the big play.  On quick screens shows good burst after the catch and the ability to get up field.  Shows no hesitation.  More of a north to south runner, although he is capable of changing direction and eluding tacklers.  Not overly flashy, but gets the job done. 

Competitiveness/Toughness:  Is a very good and willing blocker.  Blocks well on RB and WR screens.  Is capable of driving DB well off the line of scrimmage.  Will come inside and make blocks on linebackers as well.  Made many good blocks that contributed to big plays by RBs and fellow WRs.  When running with the ball he is not afraid of contact.  Will lower his shoulder to break tackles or drag defenders for extra yardage.  Occasionally utilizes a stiff arm.  Hard to tackle one on one, takes multiple defenders to bring him down.  Had some durability issues during his college career, missing 8 games with knee, collarbone, and hamstring injuries.  Although limited, has experience as a returner.  Doesn’t seem to get frustrated when the ball isn’t coming his way.  Looks like he enjoys the game and shows excitement for teammates. 

Intangibles:  Has been arrested on three different occasions for alcohol related incidents.  The latest being a DIU in March of 2011.  Holds the Notre Dame Freshman records for receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns.  Finished his career as Notre Dame’s all-time leader in touchdowns.  Was Minnesota’s high school player of the year as both a junior and senior. 

Overall Stock:  Floyd possesses some great attributes you look for in a #1 WR.  Although he doesn’t have elite speed, he has great size and can be very physical.  Can be a real threat in the red zone.  Shows good hands and the ability to make the tough catch.  Also is a good blocker as far as receivers go.  Will need to work on his technique and refine his route running in the NFL.  Even with spotty QB play, he was able to have a very productive career at Notre Dame.  He does have some off the field concerns regarding the alcohol arrests, but it seemed that he was able to put that behind him and finish his college career with a solid senior season.  There also may be some questions about his durability.  During post season work outs he will have a chance to prove to scouts that his straight line speed is not a concern.  I am a big fan and believe Michael is firmly entrenched as a first round pick and possibly a top 10-15 selection. 

NFL Comparison:  Vincent Jackson