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Where Have All The Good Men Gone?


I remember a few years back Bonnie Tyler sang a song titled Holding Out For A Hero.

One of the lyrics in the song was “Where have all the good men gone?”

I have to ask myself and all of the readers out there that exact same question. Where have all the good men gone?

I normally don’t write articles without using a bunch of statistics to try and back up my main point but I need to stray from the norm here and try and do a little venting.

To start with, is our society so morally bankrupt that we choose to ignore and denigrate good, because it is somehow perceived as weak, and clamor for evil, because it is somehow looked at as being strong?

Where have our ethics, morals and decency gone?

Is the almighty dollar the only thing that matters to us?

I know what you’re saying right now, what has this got to do with sports? My answer is everything.

How in the world is it that we vilify Tim Tebow and idolize the likes of Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress, Leonard Little and Ray Lewis?

Michael Vick is a convicted felon. Plaxico Burress is a convicted felon. Leonard Little is a convicted felon. Ray Lewis was found guilty of obstructing justice in a double murder investigation. Let’s ignore all of this because these individuals can play football. Had the average person been convicted of the same crimes as these four NFL players they would have been lucky to get jobs sweeping floors somewhere, after they got out of prison. But, because these individuals can play football somehow they get a pass on all they’ve done and get to move directly to go and collect their next million dollar payday.

On the other side, all Tim Tebow does right now is stand for all that is right with humanity but that’s not good enough for the Bill Maher types of the world. Tim Tebow has established a Foundation whose basic mission statement is to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

Tebow has invested millions of dollars of his own money into a mission in the Philippines. There, at an orphanage he tries to bring light into the lives of children. Tebow has started Timmy’s Playroom in children’s hospitals around the world. Tebow has partnered with CURE International in an attempt to bring spiritual and physical healing to children around the world with treatable physical disabilities. Tebow, through his Foundation, has created the Wish 15 program. Through this program Tebow teams with Dreams Come True to fulfill dreams for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Why is Tim Tebow not everyone’s hero?