New York, Tebow er…Jets Mock Draft


The New York Jets will be all headlines all year in 2012 with the addition of Tim Tebow and just because they are a team that has become attracted to drama like Eli Manning and 4th quarter comebacks!

All right I’m done teasing the Jets. The Jets did take a step back in 2011 and haven’t done much to help their situation in the off-season by ignoring needs at RT, RB, WR, and pass rusher while adding a safety that could beat up the Incredible Hulk, but can’t stay healthy (and I actually think it was a good move) and a backup quarterback that breeds drama (not necessarily bad drama) and who excels in short yardage and  goal line situations–the issue is the New York Jets were one of the best teams in the league last year in both short yardage and goal line situations, so I’m still trying to figure out what Tebow adds to the team. Hopefully a calming presence in the locker room?

Anyway, the Jets have a good amount of picks, though most of them late thanks to compensatory picks and could fill a lot of their needs.

1st round: Michael Floyd, WR, Norte Dame

I have to believe that the Jets will consider Michael Floyd if he’s available at 16th overall. There is a rumor out there that the Jets will not consider pass rusher until the middle rounds which is just silly to me. Still, in this scenario Floyd is the top player available and if he gets past Buffalo at 10 it seems likely he’ll be available for the Jets at 16, he offers more value than the pass rushers all of whom have some major issues. Floyd would complement the deep speed of Holmes and also replace some of the Red-zone production they lost when they didn’t re-sign Plaxico Burress.

Round 2 (47th) Ronnell Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma

In an ideal situation this would be Marshall Pass rusher Vinny Curry. Scouts like Marshall a lot so I don’t think he’ll actually be available here, it’s possible that Chandler Jones or Cam Johnson are available here but those are players who are best suited as 43 DE. I don’t buy the rumors that the Jets will wait until the mid-rounds to address a pass rusher. There were many times last year where Lewis looked late a late firs rounder.

Round 3 (77) Mitchell Schwartz, RT, California

I initially slotted Miami Hurricanes Brandon Washington here, but he seems more like a guard to me while Schwartz is the kind of tough nose physical right tackle that the Jets would gravitate towards–I think Washington is the better player however. Schwartz is a good run blocker, but not a great athlete. A productive and consistent player and a potential round three target for the Jets.

Round 4–Tim Tebow Trade

Round 5 (154) Aaron Henry, S, Wisconsin

Henry is a rangy, but inconsistent safety who would be pretty good value around this point. It is possible in a weak safety class the talented Henry is drafted sooner than here. Henry would just continue to add depth into the Jets secondary.

Round 6 (187)-Tom Compton, OL, South Dakota

Compton is a hot name–as much as a late developmental guard prospect could be considered a hot name. The Jets need a lot of infusion of talent and youth at their offensive line and with so many late round picks I’d be surprised if they didn’t take at least one more offensive linemen.

Round 6 (202 Compensatory)-Lavon Brazill, WR, Ohio

Brazill  doesn’t have great NFL measurables, but he does play bigger than his stature and really tackle the ball well. Brazill knows how run routes well already and will only continue to improve on that. Here’s a recent post about what Brazill might bring to a team.

Round 6 (203 Compensatory)-Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State

Heading into college Bryce Brown was the most coveted running back in high school…more coveted than Trent Richardson. He was the number one prospect according to one of the major high school recruiting sites (rivals or He is, in one word, talented. Brown bounced around and wasn’t the player people thought he’d be, but the talent is still there and he’s had an impressive pre-draft process. The Jets are going to address the running back position at some point during the draft the only question is when.

round 7 (232)-Adrian Hamilton, OLB, Prairie View

Hamilton is a small school pass rusher who absolutely dominated his competition. He doesn’t have great size or speed, but is solid in both areas. Hamilton also has a good motor and was the most productive player in college football this year. Some team could take a chance on him in the 7th round.

Round 7 (242 Compensatory)-Chase Ford, TE, Miami

The Jets add one of the better players available on the board at this juncture and hope to get a number two tight end out of it. Was a stanout at the East-West shrine game. Has a nice size speed combination, but needs to get stronger. He can eventually develop into an every-down type of Tight end.

Round 7 (244 compensatory)-Logan Harrell, DL, Fresno State

Harrell is a terrific college player who doesn’t translate well into the N.F.L. He’s undersized to play either DT or 34 DE (needs to add a lot of bulk to become a viable 34 DE) and also doesn’t have elite athletic ability. The one thing you know you’re going to get from Harrell is effort. He has a chance to eventually develop into a solid contributor if he can overcome his deficiencies.

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