Tennessee Titans 2012 NFL Mock Draft


This is our Tennessee Titans 2012 NFL 7 round mock draft. The Titans had a really good draft last year especially along the defense, but they could use more talent and depth on both sides of the football. The Titans should focus on adding best player available in all the rounds because while they are pretty good they don’t have the top of extremely deep roster that could withstand a rash of injuries and still make the playoffs.

1st round (20th)-Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama

Kirkpatrick has a lot of physical ability and is a potential safety or lockdown man cornerback at the next level. Kirkpatrick has good hips, great size and good length, plenty enough speed. The Titans lost Cortland Finnegan to free agency and don’t have a terrific cornerback group. The value of Kirkpatrick outweighs the value of any defensive here worth taking so the Titans go with the Crimson Tide Cornerback.

2nd round (52nd)-Devon Still, DL, Penn State

Devon Still is again a good value for the Tennessee Titans who recently lost Jason Jones. The Titans defense was better when Jones was in the middle being a disruptive force. Still is often seen as a 34 DE, but can also pay an effective 43. Still was inconsistent in college, but would be plenty value in the middle of the second round and would also help improve the talent on the Titans front four.

3rd round (82nd)-Bruce Irvin, DE, West Virginia

The Titans get one of the best pass rusher in the class, even though he’s most likely a situation pass rusher here or potential SAM linebacker. Pass rushers are hard to find, but using a third rounder on a speedy guy who could be a 10 sack a year kind of guy in the right situation is well worth it for the Titans. I had no intention of going defense with the first three picks, but based on the value chart I’m using that’s where the value was in this mock draft.

4th round (115th)-Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina

The Titans finally go defense and add a big bodied WR who can get deep down the field. Jones has had an absolutely terrible pre-draft process, which has had his stock plummet, but he’s been a big time player on the field and has the ability to be a really good number two WR in the league which is good value in the fourth round.

5th round (155th)-Andrew Datko, OT, Florida State University

Datko was well regarded before he had an injury that cost him the remainder of the 2011 College Football season. Andrew Datko would be good value here, for a guy who could develop into a starting LT. Datko is agile, but his frame is nearly maxed out.

6th round (190th)-Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati

Robinson has been a guy who has flashed a lot of ability in the pre-draft process. He’s 6’4″ 264 pounds and runs a 4.56 forty yard dash and had an 11′.03″ broad jump. His terrific size and athletic ability has a lot of teams intrigued in the late rounds. The Titans could use more receiving options and in the late part of the draft teams are looking for special team guys who raw players with exceptional athletic abilities to eventually mold into starters.

7th round (227th)-Sean Cattouse, S, Cal

The Titans get some depth at the safety position and a special teams guy with their pick of Sean Cattouse in the 7th round. He has some good size and is a cornerback convert. He has good coverage technique, but is not an elite athlete. A special teams guy mostly and potential starter fill in eventually.

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