Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson for the St. Louis Rams?


The St. Louis Rams, people forget, were just as bad last year as the Indianapolis Colts, which is historically bad. The Rams need help desperately in almost all areas of the game, specifically at wide receiver, defensive tackle, defensive backfield–you get the drift.

That being said, there are a couple of players that many people believe will be on the Rams’ short list. Those players are Justin Blackmon and Trent Richardson if he falls (not likely), but another name gaining some steam is Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. It seems like the Rams have it narrowed down to those three players, and possibly Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd, whom they brought in for a workout last week.

There is no doubt Floyd has top notch talent, but is he worth a top 10 pick? I’m not so sure, and I’m not sold that the Rams even believe that. I think as of right now, the smart money would be on Justin Blackmon with that pick. Sam Bradford is entering his third season (time flies) and he still hasn’t had a legitimate target to throw to for a full season.

However, Jeff Fisher’s defensive background causes me to think that perhaps he might be leaning toward the athletic defensive tackle who could significantly upgrade that side of the ball.

Maybe that’s just one of those late rumors that I’m getting caught up in, but it seems to make sense. There are also rumors that the Rams might like to trade up to get Trent Richardson, but that seems unlikely at this point as well, because I’m not so sure the Browns aren’t sold that he’s going to be a star in their colors.

If you are betting on it, I’d say go with Justin Blackmon right now, but that’s still a really fluid situation there in St. Louis.