New England Patriots: Awarded “Worst Pick of Draft”


It’s time to hand out my first Bartolis award for the 2012 NFL Draft. I’ll be giving out a few “awards” over the next few days and I thought I’d start with the pick I thought was the worst pick in the draft. Now most would assume that the pick would be the punter the Jaguars took in round three, which was nearly as bad as a pick as the one I really dislike from New England, but I’ll say this. I think the punter they took is exceptional. He might play for the next 15 years for the Jaguars–how many other players will do that?  Anger was also the best player at his position and even in our top 100 board (he’s really good). The guy the Patriots picked I’m not even sure will be in the league next year.

That pick is their first second round choice of Safety Tavon Wilson out of Illinois.

Wilson is a versatile player, but there’s no chance he was going to be picked before round four and possibly not even until round 6 or 7. To spend a second round pick on a player that other personnel men said things like “that was crazy“. One personnel man said his team had safety Tavon Wilson, the Pats’ second round pick, ranked as a seventh round pick, and defensive end Jake Bequette, the Patriots’ third rounder, ranked as a free agent. “That was crazy,” he said.

The Patriots draft pick of Tavon Wilson was really an odd pick–my least favorite in the draft.