Shanahan: Robert Griffin III is The Starting Quarterback of the Washington Redskins


Well, that didn’t take long.

The Washington Redskins have apparently made second overall pick Robert Griffin III their starting quarterback after one rookie mini camp. I’m a big fan of competition, but I also don’t think there was any question about this. Griffin III was the starting QB of the Redskins when they traded three first round picks to get him.

I also feel like Griffin looks pretty good in the Redskins colors, but that’s just me.

The last time Mike Shanahan made a declaration like this was when he declared Ryan Clady would start at left tackle for the Broncos, and Clady wound up having a fantastic rookie season.

I think RG3 will have a learning curve, but he will be extremely exciting to watch. Be sure you check out a full recap of the Redskins’ offseason by Jesse Bartolis at, which just came out today.