Robert Woods, Wide Receiver, USC 2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report


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6’1″ 184 pounds

4.36-4.58 40 time range

Pre-season Scouting Report

Woods is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the country at the wide receiver position, and could be a top 15 pick in 2013. He doesn’t have ideal elite size like an Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson, but he plays bigger than his listed height and is a really tough player to cover. He has incredible quickness in and out of his breaks, and is typically a sure-handed target. There were four games in 2011 where Woods went over 10 receptions, and it was pretty much an outlier if he was at five or under. One of Woods’ best assets is his ability to make plays after the catch. He is almost unstoppable when near the red zone, and finds ways to get open despite being the team’s top receiver. Woods got a start as a freshman in 2010 as a return specialist as well, and he has upside in that area going forward. He is a very good kick returner. One of my biggest concerns with Woods is his weight. I don’t know if he’s added weight this offseason at all, but I am not sure 185-190 is going to be acceptable in the NFL. Despite that fact, I think he has a ton of upside and is a dynamic receiver who catches pretty much anything thrown his way. He really does an incredible job of adjusting to balls in the air, and USC uses him in a variety of ways. I like that they are able to get him the ball with space to move, which some NFL team will also likely do when he gets drafted. He doesn’t have any one skill that really stands out, but he is a really good receiver who has potential to be a Reggie Wayne type of player in the NFL.

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