Landy Jones and Preseason Thoughts


Although the top of the 2012 NFL Draft class was excellent with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. The 2nd tier left a lot to be desired. Heading into the 2012 College Football Season that does not seem to the be the case. While the top of the class (which is usually consists of Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, and sometimes Logan Thomas) is not as terrific as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, the  potential second tier at this moment seems to be much more impressive–one of those players is Landry Jones. Jones was beaten down by draftniks last year, myself included, because of how skittish he looked in the pocket–and how unaware of pressure he seemed. Jones is a good enough athlete and has the requisite size and throwing ability, but he must improve his pocket awareness. One of his worst games last year was against Florida State–take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Another game to consider is his performance against Texas.

Thoughts on Landry Jones