Just How Good is Georgia Rush Linebacker Jarvis Jones?


Jarvis Jones transferred to Georgia from USC and had a huge redshirt sophomore season, leading the SEC with 13.5 sacks, and he also had an unprecedented 49 quarterback hurries over the course of the year.

Needless to say, Jarvis Jones seems like the real deal, and he is arguably the best rush linebacker in the country going into his junior season. Jones opted not to leave the Bulldogs after his breakout season, honoring the commitment he made when he transferred to Georgia after leaving USC. Jones was a first team All-American last year, and while he decided to remain a Bulldog for this season, I find it extremely unlikely that he will return for his senior season, since that would put him at almost 24 years old during his rookie NFL season.

But, I decided to let you all be the judge. There are a few video reels of Jones in his time last season with the Bulldogs, and I want to know your opinion. Does he look like the best pass rusher in college football, or is he just another one-year wonder? This year’s draft could be stocked full of pass rushers, and Jones undoubtedly looks like he could be one of the first ones off the board.

This guy just flat out makes plays behind the line of scrimmage, and while I don’t think he will run in the 4.4 range, I think he’s an ideal looking athlete with a ton of talent in the pass rush department.