2012 NCAA Football Breakout Star: TCU Quarterback Casey Pachall


I suppose I can’t really say Casey Pachall is going to breakout, but nobody has had as great a season as he did last year that went unnoticed. Just one year removed from the legendary Andy Dalton era for the Horned Frogs, TCU’s new quarterback only came in and set school records in completions, completion percentage, and yards (228, 66.5, 2,921).

One of my favorite stats that TCU provided was that he led three fourth quarter comebacks in his first season as starter, two of which were from down 17 points.

This kid has some guts, and he makes smart decisions.

Pachall threw 25 touchdown passes last year compared to only seven interceptions, and he quietly had the 12th best quarterback efficiency rating in all of college football.

Heading into this season as a redshirt junior, Pachall is a guy that not many people are talking about, at least not many that I’m listening to. Perhaps among the more die-hard college fans, Pachall is a household name and is being treated as such. But as it pertains to the NFL Draft, this guy is going largely unnoticed. He is 6’5″ 225 pounds, and from what I can see he has a pretty strong arm and is obviously very accurate, as indicated by his excellent completion percentage.

I’m excited to see this guy play in 2012 a lot more. Most outlets have TCU ranked in their pre-season top 20, and when you do some digging on this guy, you can absolutely see why. He is going to be exciting to watch and is potentially going to be part of one of the strongest quarterback classes I’ve seen in quite some time.