Former Florida Gators S Will Hill Could Stick With New York Giants


Will Hill was a talented player at the University of Florida who was considered a mid round safety prospect for the 2011 N.F.L.draft, but because of character concerns, Hill went undrafted and did not play for any team in the 2011 season. The New York Giants were an underdog team all year in 2011 going 9-7 in the regular season before making an incredible run through the playoffs to win the Superbowl. The Giants are a team that has a long history of being a well-respected organization with a coach who gravitate towards “lunch-pail” players. The duo seem like an odd fit, but it is very possible that the former Gator will be on the Giants active roster for the 2012 season if he has a good off-season.

Despite winning the Superbowl and having what was considered an above average draft the Giants still have a few glaring holes on their roster–the biggest in my opinion is safety depth. The Giants under defensive coordinator Perry Fewell have relied heavily on a three safety package over the last two season. Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle are locks as the starters, but the third safety has seen a lot of opportunities on the field and during the last two season that player has been Deon Grant. Grant went not re-signed and now their is a spot open for a safety to make an impact. The Giants are hoping that it can be last year’s sixth round pick Tyler Sash, but it might not be. And even if it is, the team still needs a fourth safety. The Giants have brought in retreads and never-weres to try to fill that spot. Players like Chris Horton (former Redskins safety), undrafted free agent rookie Janzen Jackson, and 2011 undrafted free agent Will Hill.

In a press-conference today, Perry Fewell specifically highlighted Will Hill.

A: I’m very impressed with Will Hill. He’s 30 minutes early for the meetings. When I go into the meeting room, he’s always in there studying. He’s a very athletic young man. This is his second chance, so to speak. He is being the ultimate pro by the way he is preparing for his opportunity. Will made a play last Thursday, phenomenal, in our OTA practice. Absolutely phenomenal. If he can continue at this pace, and if he continues to learn and grow, he’s another guy when we get to the preseason games I hope that we’re talking good things about him because he is preparing to make this football team

No one ever questioned Hill’s physical abilities–if he is going to show this type of dedication throughout the entire summer to go along with his physical abilities and the lack of depth at the position for the Giants Hill has a real shot of not only making the team, but also being active for many of the games this season. Hill will also have to show that he is prepared to be an excellent special teams player to replace the potential loss of special teams production if Sash wins the third safety position.

Hill has been given a second chance with a wonderful organization–and a no-nonsense coach. What he makes of the opportunity will be up to him.