Morning News Roundup: SEC Coaches Want Playoff, West Virginia’s Chances of Winning it All


Found some interesting links I thought you might enjoy this morning. As always, check out for the latest and greatest for more NFL-centric news, and With the First Pick will focus primarily on the college/scouting side of things.

Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford (last year) editor James Christensen gives a look at a handful of players and his observations from last year’s Stanford-Oklahoma State game, a game which the Cowboys won. Certainly there are no superstars for 2013 like Andrew Luck in the 2013 class for either team, but there are still a wealth of NFL prospects coming from both squads here.

Can West Virginia make a National Title run in 2012?

ESPN is taking you through the top 20 title contenders one by one, and here they take a look at West Virginia, led by Heisman candidate Geno Smith and receiver Tavon Austin. They are certainly going to have some fireworks offensively this year, and we’ll see how they transition to Big 12 football.

Report: SEC Coaches want four team playoff

Why not? None of us can really get enough SEC football as it is, why not make it even more interesting at the end of the season. Check out the proposal as told by Yahoo! Sports and see what you think. Might be a great idea.