San Diego Chargers Sign RB Ronnie Brown


The San Diego Chargers made an interesting move on Friday, signing former Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles running back Ronnie Brown. Brown was the second overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, and the reason why I think this move is interesting is because just last week, I was writing about how poor the Chargers’ running back depth is and how rookie Edwin Baker could be in line to make a significant impact in his first season.

Now, the Chargers have some insurance. There are a lot of rumors and probably more substantial than just that, that the Chargers want to utilize Ryan Mathews extensively and have high hopes that he will emerge into one of the best backs in the league in 2012.

I think for the Chargers, this is a solid move. They needed running back depth and you could always do worse than having a guy like Brown, who is a former thousand yard back and while he was pretty bad for the Eagles last year, he is at least serviceable and a bigger name guy who can possibly start a couple of games if the need should arise.