Very Early and Preliminary Quarterback Rankings


These rankings should be considered nowhere near final, but really more as a gauge to what players you should be watching for the 2012 College Football Season. I’d also consider these very early rankings as more of a projection than as a where a player stands now. I’ve favored “upside” in these preliminary rankings.

I’ll go 17 deep for now. *denotes underclassman

  1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
  2. Matt Barkley, USC
  3. Tyler Bray, Tennessee*
  4. Logan Thomas, VA Tech*
  5. Landry Jones, Oklahoma
  6. Geno Smith, WVU
  7. E.J. Manuel, Florida State
  8. Keith Price, Washington*
  9. Aaron Murray, Georgia*
  10. James Vandenberg, Iowa
  11. Casey Pachall, TCU*
  12. Aaron Murray, Georgia* (I don’t really expect him to declare after this season and his size pushes him down a bit)
  13. Mike Glennon, North Carolina State
  14. Sean Renfree, Duke
  15. Alex Carter, Western Michigan
  16. A.J. McCaron, Alabama*
  17. Tajh Boyd, Clemson*


I think Barkley is ahead of Wilson right now, today, but I could easily see Barkley being passed by Wilson, or possibly even Bray or Thomas by draft day in 2013.

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