2011 NFL Draft vs 2010 NFL Draft: Quarterback


I thought it might be interesting to take  a look at the 2011 vs the 2010 NFL draft at a variety of different positions and predict which position will look stronger by year’s end. Perhaps I should do 2010 vs 2009 because most people would seem to predict 2010 because the third year is suppose to be the breakout year, but I do not believe that is an absolute.

I’ll probably focus on the higher round picks, but that’s not necessarily the case. If a player was drafted in a later round but has been productive already he’ll get talked about.

2011 Quarterbacks Draft Class

Cameron Newton

Jake Locker

Christian Ponder

Blaine Gabbert

Andy Dalton

2011 Season Standout-Cam Newton

Cam Newton had a terrific rookie campaign in which he threw for 21 touchdowns and ran for another 14, which might be difficult to replicate–at least in terms of the rushing touchdowns in 2012. The Panthers are hoping what Newton can do is lead his team to more victories in 2012.

2011 Season Surprise-Andy Dalton, Bengals

Dalton exceeded all expectations last year because many did not think he was worthy of a high 2nd round pick. Dalton threw 20 TD to 13 INT and led the Bengals to a good season. Dalton has a built in advantage with A.J. Green and should continue to see at least moderate success–the question with Dalton is what is his upside.

honorable mention to T.J. Yates.

2011 Dud-Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars

Gabbert looked so bad at times many people are wondering if the Jaguars should give up on him already. That’s bad. Real bad.

2012 Breakout performer-Jake Locker, Titans

Locker did not see the field much in 2011, but when he did he flashed brilliance. Locker showed a bit of a “clutch” gene and is entering a situation that is pretty impresive. Kenny Britt is a legitimate #1 type WR, Chris Johnson should be much better in 2012, and the Titans have also added Kendall Wright. That is a lot to work with and I expect Locker to win the starting job in the preseason.

2010 Quarterback Draft class

Sam Bradford

Tim Tebow

Jimmy Clausen

Colt McCoy

(John Skelton)


2011 Stud performer Tim Tebow, Broncos

This HAS to go to Tebow because no one else was that impressive last year.

Surprise Performer- Tim Tebow, Broncos

Tebow was not even the starting quarterback heading into the season and it seemed like John Elway would do all he could to rid himself of Tebow, but Tebow kept on keeping on and won some big games.

2011 Dud-Sam Bradford, Rams

In his first season Bradford completed 60 percent of his passes and took 34 sacks in 16 games and 590 pass attempts. He looked like a future star in the making. In 2010, Bradford completed 53.5 percent of his passes and had 6 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, he took 36 sacks, in 357 attempts and lost 7 fumbles (compared to two before in 2010).

Honorable mention-Jimmy Clausen-this would really go for the 2010 season when all he did was show the Panthers that he was no the answer and definitely will never be now.

2012 Season breakout performer- John Skelton?

Yikes.  Skelton could win the starting job and if he does he has a chance to do some nice things. The Cardinals now have Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd on the outside with the talented, but injury prone, Beanie Wells. The offensive line still needs work, but there is enough there for Skelton to take the next step forward and potentially end any question about whether or not the Cardinals have a future franchise quarterback signal caller.

Which quarterback group will be considered the best at the end of the 2012 season?