Freak Show 2013: #1


October 13, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; SMU Mustangs defensive end Margus Hunt (92) rushes past Tulane Green Wave guard Rio Mares (72) and offensive tackle Eric Jones (79) during the second quarter of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

And now we come to the conclusion of this five part series.. The top freak of the 2013 draft is..


Margus Hunt: DE, SMU.

When people think of athletic freaks in the NFL, they think of very specific measurements. That tall wide receiver who runs a 4.4 is a freak, that big linebacker who runs a fast 40 is a freak, etc. You really have to look at the complete package; you have to find someone whose numbers are just obtuse from any measurement. You have to find athleticism that transcends outside of football.

Margus Hunt’s athleticism translates at Olympic levels.

Size? Check. At nearly 6’8″ and 280+ lbs, Hunt is one of the biggest defensive ends in the country. His arms aren’t the longest, but few people can fill out a 6’8″ as well as he has.

Strength? Check. Hunt is a world champion shot putter and discus thrower. His upper body strength is extremely impressive. His lower body isn’t as impressive, but it is certainly adequate and stronger than the majority of college defensive ends out there.

Speed? Check. Hunt is a long strider and many predict an impressive 40 time from him. Some guesstimates that place him in the sub-4.5 range seem a little optimistic, but I would not be surprised if he runs in the low 4.6’s at all.

He obviously fulfills the three “S’s”. Like many of the players on this top five list, the complete game is not there. Hunt is also older, and he has only been playing football for about 3 years. His game tape is not as impressive this season, but the athleticism and raw potential is all there.

The massive, olympic-class defensive end from SMU wraps up the Freak Show list for 2013. I will probably update this list in the offseason as the combine numbers come out and the underclassmen declare.