October Mock Draft: 11-20


11. Dallas Cowboys: Damontre Moore, OLB, Texas A&M

The Cowboys have been looking for a pass rusher opposite of Damarcus Ware for years. Moore offers more pass rushing potential than anyone they have plugged in over there, and like Ware, he is a very complete player. Plus it makes  great nickname potential, like the Da-brothers!

12. Johnathan Hankins, NT, Ohio State

The Steelers love Ohio State prospects, and their potential developmental NT Alameda Ta’amu may be serving a prison sentence before he ever gets on the field again. Hankins has the rare size and athleticism to be a zero technique for a 3-4 and has time to work on his technique because the Steelers love to sit rookies.

13. New York Jets, G, Chance Warmack

For the NFL franchise that garners the most attention of all, this is probably a very boring pick. Anything that takes the Jets out of the headlines is good news for my ears. But seriously, the Jets want to be a running team, and they need an improvement on the interior of their line. Mangold in the middle and D’Brickashaw on the left are fine. Warmack is a top tier guard prospect, will start right away, and pave running lanes for Greene.. or Tebow.

14. Buffalo Bills: Matt Barkley, QB, USC

This is where mock drafts get tricky. We all know come draft time there will be a rush of 3-4 QBs taken in the top 10. At this point, some of the teams needing QB’s most may not be in that range. The Bills need a QB. As much as I like Ryan Fitzpatrick, I think that experiment is done. Barkley is mobile enough for Chan Gailey and excels throwing the football in the medium range in a spread-type attack. Barkley gives the Bills potential stardom and won’t be forced to start right away.

15. St. Louis Rams: Eric Reid, FS, LSU

Utilizing the pick they now own from the Washington Redskins, the Rams decide to once again bolster their rebuilt secondary. The corner positions are virtually set in stone, but the safety position is a huge question mark. Quinton Mikell is a former all-pro who is intelligent but has lost a step. Craig Dahl may be the worst starting safety in the NFL. Reid adds big time playmaking potential to the back end and allows Mikell to play closer to the box.

16. Cincinnati Bengals: Keenan Allen, WR, California

AJ Green, in just his second year, may be the best wide receiver in the NFL. He has no offensive weapons around him and he still thrives. Green needs a guy who can take care of the dirt work between the hashes and pull one of the safeties away from deep coverage. Keenan Allen is that type of receiver. He thrives underneath and is a perfect compliment to Green. No running back is worth this slot, and the Bengals have made it clear that they are going to rely on the passing game in the future with Andy Dalton.

17. Philadelphia Eagles: Taylor Lewan, LT, Michigan

Jason Peters was the best left tackle in the NFL in 2011. Unfortunately for the Eagles he suffered a horrible Achilles injury before the season began. The rest of their line is atrocious and shoring up both tackle spots should be a priority. If Peters comes back to play at a high level again (a huge question mark) then Lewan can lock down the right tackle spot. If Peters falters, Lewan can take over the blindside (or frontside, if they stick with Vick).

18. St Louis Rams: Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

Patterson is my number two wide receiver if he declares this year. The Rams need receivers for Sam Bradford and Patterson is a raw, but potentially huge addition. He offers the speed that Les Snead wants and the size that any QB loves. Like Brian Quick, he is raw, but at least Patterson has SEC experience and not Appalachian State experience.

19. Green Bay Packers: Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama

The Jeff Saturday experiment has been cute, but it is obvious that he can’t get any push in the running game anymore. Jones is extremely intelligent, fits the Green Bay mold to a ‘T’ and can fill in at every single offensive line position. I think he is excellent value here as a Center, but he could play guard if the Packers wanted to roll with another center.

20. Arizona Cardinals: Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee

This is another team that falls in line with the whole “needs a QB, not at this spot” deal. Kolb showed for a bit that he could potentially be a guy that could start and be worth the trade/money that they gave up for him. However, Kolb has never shown he could hold up to an entire season and the Cardinals’ O-line has let him get bludgeoned. Bray is an underclassmen who could come out and contend for a top 10 selection. He has a huge arm and good height, and has produced in the SEC. He could sit while they gave Kolb one last chance, and if (when) he fails, Bray could take over.