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2013 NFL Draft: Kenny Vaccaro Prospect Profile


Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as my top rated safety prospect. Vaccaro is an experienced player and leader and is the consensus favorite to be the first safety drafted in the 2013 NFL Draft. Vaccaro has the prototypical combination of size and speed and should be a starter from day one in the NFL. Below you will see our scouting report on the Texas safety product.


6’1, 215 lbs


Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro is the ideal safety that NFL teams are looking for now a days. He brings excellent and near elite man coverage ability to the table along with the ability to play zone at a high level as well. At 6’1, 215 lbs, Kenny Vaccaro is likely to run in the 4.4 range and his long speed is not a question. One of my favorite qualities in Vaccaro is his ability to evade oncoming blockers and disrupt plays anywhere on the field along with his awareness to keep contain on plays outside the numbers. Another excellent quality that Vaccaro presents is his motor. He is a snap to the whistle type of player. Him being not shy of contact is quite an understatement as he seems to love it. Although he is known for his cover ability he is more than capable of producing some big time hits.


The one weakness that really stood out to me when studying Kenny Vaccaro was his tendency to take bad angles every other drive or so. That could take some time to fix but it isn’t anything major to be concerned about. With Vaccaro being as aggressive of a run defender as he is, he can be overly aggressive at times which can and has hurt him on play action passes. Another small thing I noticed was Vaccaro will go for a big hit at times in one on one, open field situations instead of wrapping up to secure the tackle.


Vaccaro is projected as an early to mid first round draft pick. Vaccaro could be an option for teams like the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Carolina Panthers.