2013 NFL Draft: Jawan Jamison Prospect Profile


Oct 20, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Rutgers Scarlet Knights running back Jawan Jamison (23) scores a touchdown during the third quarter against the Temple Owls at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Rutgers defeated Temple 35-10. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A Redshirt Sophmore out of Rutgers, Running back Jawan Jamison declared for the 2013 NFL draft, despite the lack of experience. However, the way he ran showed that he may be as ready as some of his peers. He is the first 1000-yard rusher since his predecessor Ray Rice for the Scarlet Knights despite being led by his sub-par signal caller. There are a lot of things to be excited about when watching Jamison, but he will need time to learn from a veteran back. Below  is a short description of Jamison’s strong points and also areas of concerns

5”8, 200 lbs.

Jawan Jamison is a quick back that can create big plays. He utilizes his cutting abilities to avoid defenders, and he is difficult to catch once he has successfully evaded his defenders. He is by no means a player that possesses elite speed, but he is fast enough to outrun one or two defenders. Jawan Jamison has good edge speed, meaning he is able to run towards the sideline with good speed that often leaves opponent trying to take him down at a less than optimal angle. His patience is most apparent when he moves laterally. Rarely does Jamison panic when running the stretch plays, instead he waits patiently for this offensive line to open holes for him. He seems to work better as a one-cut runner, only needing one change of direction to get the big gains.

Jamison has decent pass blocking awareness and skills, stopping rushers for a brief second. He also adds to the passing game with his pass catching ability. Though, he is not consistent in that area yet, het shows enough that he can be relied on to take short or screen passes. Lastly, Jawan Jamison has admirable tenacity in his runs. His feet do not stop moving and combined with his good balance, sometimes he is able to break off tackles or bounce off opponents.

There are instances when Jamison would wait too long behind his offensive line, instead of attacking the line and take the short gains. Furthermore, Jawan Jamison does not show power or use of pad levels when running, and often times finds himself tackled backwards, especially when he tries to run up the middle. Jamison may find it difficult to adjust to the speed of the NFL having so little experience. He has split time with others during his collegiate career, and is questionable whether he can carry a feature back workload.

Jamison’s durability also comes into question (not his toughness), and it showed when he suffered an ankle injury his production suffered along. Additionally, he was not able to play in the Bowl game because of an injury. He is limited in what he can do when suffering these type of nagging injuries.

Jawan Jamison claims that he has received a third round grade when he consulted with NFL draft advisory board. He had a mediocre showing at the NFL Combine and now will rely on his Pro Day to bring his stock back up. Jamison is still young, and brimming with potential in the right team and offensive system. Teams that have patience and a strong veteran leader, who is willing to teach Jamison fundamental skills, may uncover a diamond in the rough. Jawan Jamison’s experience comes from running out of a shotgun set, and could find a home with teams that is heavily pass-centric. Currently, it is believed that he may be taken somewhere during the third day.

Grade: 6.8