2013 NFL Draft: Luke Joeckel Prospect Profile


Jan 4, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas A

Texas A&M’s Offensive Tackle Luke Joeckel is not only one of the top athletes coming out of college football, but he is the number one prospect on most draft boards. Like most analysts, I thought the Aggies would struggle against the loaded SEC. However this was far from the case as Joeckel was a big reason why they soared to the top, other than their Heisman winning quarterback. Playing in the up-tempo offense, he shows that he has no issues with stamina. You can expect Joeckel to make an immediate impact in the NFL.


HtWt40 Time225 lb Reps
6’6″306 lbs5.3 seconds27 reps


Since he stepped on campus in College Station, Luke Joeckel has been a starting tackle for Texas A&M. Standing tall at 6’6”, Joeckel is very athletic tackle who gets out of his stance quickly. His experience as a three-year starter will prove helpful against the top pass rushers in the NFL. Speed rushers and power rushers alike have trouble getting by Joeckel, due to his athleticism and strength.

If one thing stood out on film it was his footwork, even at 310 pounds he moves quickly. Even with his struggles in run blocking at time, he cuts down defenders very well. When watching film on Joeckel against Mississippi State, he seemed to cut on every other run play. In doing so the defender was on the ground unable to make a play on the back, this will prove to be a very usual tactic in the zone blocking scheme.

In regards to his pass blocking he has a good first step, getting in solid position in anticipation of the pass rusher. With the smaller speedy rushers, Joeckel has no issue with driving them out of the play. As you can see against Florida, Joeckel was able to push back two defenders simultaneously.  Rarely did Ryan Tannehil or Johnny Manziel get thrown to the turf by a player being blocked by Joeckel.


As good as Joeckel in pass blocking, he will need some work in run blocking. He lacks the strength to dominate in the man scheme, but Joeckel fits the zone scheme well. However, he does not sustain his blocks long, once the running back is past him, he will disengage. If there is one complaint about his pass blocking, it is that Joeckel gets his hands too far outside at times.

As indicated above Joeckel will need to add some upper body strength, this will allow him to combat the more powerful pass rushers. Teams will want him to use his lower body strength more as he tends to use his arms in blocking. In doing so Joeckel will be able to power defenders into the second level, allowing running backs to find gaping holes behind him. With his frame adding a few pounds will not allow his athleticism suffer.


Being the top offensive tackle in the upcoming draft and the Kansas City Chiefs in need of protection, Joeckel fits a need for that organization. I fully expect him to be made the number one overall selection. There are three tackles that should be selected in the first 15 picks (Fisher or Johnson); you would be hard pressed to go wrong with any of them.

Grade: 9.5/10