2013 NFL Draft: Sean Renfree Prospect Profile


Nov 24, 2012; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils quarterback Sean Renfree (19) gets off a pass against the Miami Hurricanes during the first half at Wallace Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Renfree is a 3-year starting quarterback for the Duke Bluedevils. He is relatively unknown among the quarterback prospects of this class by most, because he does not post amazing statistics and he never finished with a winning record with his team. Yet, Renfree will not escape the notice of scouts and team general managers. Watching Sean Renfree, there is a sense that he can be special if he was surrounded by a better cast. Sean Renfree was invited to both the East-West Shrine Game and the NFL Scouting Combine, however he was not able participate in both due to his pectoriall injury. Below I will describe Sean Renfree’s game.

6″3, 225 lbs.

Sean Renfree is an accuratequarterbackwith a 64.2% career completion rating, which included a 66.3% completion percentage in his final years. He throws with great touch, placing the ball at the spot where his receivers will be. Renfree shows surprising deep throws, completing passess 30-50 yards deep, and it highlights his ability to anticipate where his receivers will be.

Another strength of Renfree, that cannot be inferred from his statistics, is his ability to understand defenses. Renfree is able to set hisoffensive lineappropriately against defenses, and is able to read where the pressure is coming from. Renfree is also calm and composed in the face of pressure. He does not panic when his offensive line fails him, and shows decent mobility escaping pressure and never forcing a throw; instead he would throw the ball where only his receivers can get it or throw it away. Additionally, he is able to throw short passes well even when he’s off balance.

Sean Renfree’s college winning record will be a major strike against him, finishing with a 12-25 win-to-lost ratio in his three year career as a starter. Stronger yet, his wins came mostly against weaker competition. Teams will question whether Renfree will be able to lead  a professional team to a win on a bigger stage.

Another aspect that will be highly criticised is Renfree’s lack of arm strength. When he tries to throw a straight ball it lacks zip, it begins to flutter around 15-yards out. The throws that looks good are usually arching passes with a lot of air under the ball (i.e. looks like the ball is floating). Renfree is not able to fit the ball in tight spaces, which can limit what he can do in the NFL.

Lastly, Renfree has been hit enough times to sustain serious injuries. He does have some toughness to him, as he played through these injuries. It is only the one he sustained in theBelk Bowlgame that may hurt his draft stock. His size is on the smaller side of quarterbacks, and he could stand to add weight.

Injury History:
Season Ending Knee Injury (2010), Elbow (2012), Concussion (2012), Surgery on his torn right pectorialis (2012)

Sean Renfree will most probably be viewed as a good backup in the NFL. His intelligence and composure will serve him well, when he is called into duty. He can be a great game manager, and even has experience playing wideout in a WildCard subpackage. Teams such as Packers, Patriots, Giants, Dolphins, and Broncos will be probably be able to find Sean Renfree in the sixth round of the draft, and will not be disappionted to have him in case of emergency.

Grade: 5.7