2013 NFL Draft: Alvin Bailey Prospect Profile


Sep 15, 2012; Fayetteville, AR, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Damion Square (92) is held by Arkansas Razorback offensive Guard Alvin Bailey (67) as quarterback Brandon Allen (10) looks for a pass during the second half at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Alabama defeated Arkansas 52-0. Mandatory Credit: Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Guard Alvin Bailey was a surprise declaration according to many people. The Razorback chose to forgo his final eligibilty year and enter with fellow teammates in the 2013 NFL Draft. By all accounts Bailey had a down year after a stellar performance in his sophmore season (then again the whole team took a step back as well with the coaching change). During his sophmore year, Bailey had earned All-SEC second team title, and it is a major accomplishment with the abudant talents in the SEC conference. Bailey was one of the better offensive linemen for the Razorbacks, being charged with the duty to protect his quarterback and create running lanes for his runningbacks.

6″3, 312 lbs.

Most notible for scouts when they evaluate Alvin Bailey is his durability. Bailey has started and played in every single game since he was named the starter in 2010. An incredible feat, even in the collegiate level. Next, he has experience playing both the left side and the right side giving teams the flexibility of plugging him in the line wherever a need arises. Bailey plays well in small spaces, and moves rather well for a man of his stature. He is a disciplined blocker, guarding his area with strenght and quickness, giving his quarterback just enough time to pass deep. Bailey uses his weight to push opponents to the ground, and thereby rendering them useless. Alvin Bailey’s skill works in harmony with the other offensive linemen next to him, and he showed this by moving the defender towards his teammate. After neutralizing his first opponent, Bailey can immediately shift to an unblocked defender.

Alvin Bailey’s height is a concern for scouts. He does not possess the prototypical height of a professional offensive linemen. Bailey, also gets pushed back by stronger defenders, and particularly struggles against nose tackles. He does not appear to fare well in one-on-one battles with bigger defensive tackle. Furthermore, Bailley did not show many techniques or good use of hands. When defenders attacks him with a swim or rip move Bailey gets pushed aside, allowing a free shot at his quarterback. He also appears stiff and is often flat footed. When he misses his assignment or fall to the ground, Bailey had a hard recovering. He is not strong or fast, and struggles quite often. There are many occasions where no penalty was called on Bailey for holding. When he is overpowered, Bailey will resort to illegal techniques to buy his quarterback time. He may be able to get away with it in the college level, but will not be so fortunate in the professional ranks. All in all, Bailey is currently not a linemen that can contribute immediately. He will need to learn the fundamental techniques of a professional linemen, before he can be called into action.

With many talented and skilled guards entering this draft, Alvin Bailey will have to wait until the last day of the draft for a call from any team. While he is lacking in many areas, he does possess qualities that can be built upon. Bailey is better in a zone blocking scheme, and can be counted on as a rotational player. His time with any team that drafts him will best be served to bulk up muscles and learn techniques from a veteran linemen.

Grade: 5.0