2013 NFL Draft: Sean Porter Prospect Profile


Jan 4, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas A

Texas A&M made the move to the football juggernaut SEC conference this past season, most felt this would be a poor move playing against tougher competition. It did not seem to faze AggiesSean Porter as he had a somewhat productive season. During his junior season Porter accumulated 9.5 sacks compared to only 3.5 this past season. The decline in production in pass rushing was due to a change in schemes. Either way you look at it, Porter should make the transition easily to the NFL.


HeightWeight40 time225 lb Bench
6’1″229 lbs4.75 seconds22 Reps


Porter’s athleticism will definitely give him an advantage for his new team. While he won’t blow you away with his speed, he has great closing speed. He showed that aspect of his game mainly during his junior year playing as an outside pass rusher in the 3-4 scheme. Porter uses his quickness to avoid blockers attempting to derail him from getting to the ball carrier. Porter has great recognition with how the play breaks down. If he is in coverage, Porter will break off his man to assist with stopping the run.

While his quickness will make scouts fall in love with his game, Porter’s versatility is what sets him apart from most outside linebackers. Like most versatile linebackers, he can step up to stop the run as much as rush the passer. However he can cover just as well, whether he is dropping into a zone or playing man coverage. The defensive coordinator at A&M also put him in the game as the slot corner, which he played very well.


Strength and his frame is what Sean Porter will need to work on most in the NFL. While Porter was able to get 22 reps at the NFL Combine, he has issues getting to the quarterback when the tackles and bigger blockers get their hands on him. This is why the quickness in his game is so vital. Adding 15-20 pounds to his frame will also help in that regard. He is prototypical size for a speedy outside linebacker in a three linebacker scheme, however Porter is undersized for the 3-4. Adding the weight will make him more attractive to teams who currently run the 3-4 much like Houston or New Orleans.

Porter seems to slow down when approaching the ball carrier, he lacks the explosion during take down attempts. He has more of a drag down style when it comes to tackling. Strength in his lower body will help when firing into a runner, which will also increase the chance to cause a turnover. Porter only caused three turnovers in his four season in College Station, Texas. His lone interception was a tipped pass when Porter’s teammate collided with the intended receiver. Over the past two season, he only forced two fumbles having not recovered either one. With proper coaching and the right scheme, Porter could make this weakness into a strength.


While Porter was expected to become the next Von Miller, the change in schemes prevented his rise to that level. His versatility and athletic ability should garner a call on day two of the NFL Draft; however he needs to improve on technique. Sean Porter grades out as a third round prospect that could easily slip into second round.

Grade: 7.3/10.0