2013 NFL Draft: Ranking The Quarterbacks


Nov 23, 2012; Ames, Iowa, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith (12) throws a pass before a game against the Iowa State Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 NFL Draft fast approaching, everyone’s wondering where the top signal callers where go, and what franchise will find the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. While the possibility of finding yourself a ‘franchise’ quarterback in this draft, it’s not impossible. No one regarded Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Donavan McNabb as franchise quarterbacks when they entered the league, but they stuck through the criticism and became some of the greatest quarterbacks to play in the last 20 years. Below you’ll find out top five quarterbacks available in the 2013 NFL Draft. Is there a Brady or Brees available in this draft? Only time will tell.

DraftInsider’s Top Five Quarterbacks

1) Geno Smith West Virginia

2) Matt Barkley USC

3) Tyler Wilson Arkansas

4) Mike Glennon NC State

5) Ryan Nassib Syracuse

Geno Smith – Smith enters the 2013 NFL Draft as this year’s premiere signal caller. Smith is highly regarded as the consensus best available quarterback in this year’s draft, and will likely be the first quarterback taken. While Smith isn’t what you would consider a ‘franchise’ quarterback, he certainly possesses the necessary skill set to succeed at a high level in today’s NFL. Smith will need hands-on coaching from a patient staff, as he does have some unnerving kinks in his game. However, once Smith gets comfortable in a system, there’s no doubting he could become one of the better quarterbacks in the league a few years down the road.

Matt Barkley– Barkley is an intriguing prospect in the sense that he could have been the third quarterback taken in the 2012 draft, but decided to return for his senior season at USC in hopes of reeling in a National Championship. Barkley had a down season in 2012, only hurting his draft stock to the point where he is widely considered as a more likely second round pick. Barkley is the perfect fit for a west-coast offensive scheme, which doesn’t play too well into his favor as the NFL is moving more towards a downfield spread offensive look. Barkley won’t win you many games in the NFL with his arm like he did in college; instead he’ll have to rely on his instincts and knowledge of the game. Both of which could either be a blessing or a nightmare for whichever NFL team selects him.

Tyler Wilson– Wilson is a promising prospect out of Arkansas, but does come with concern. Wilson has a concerning injury history involving concussions. Wilson did a great job in succeeding former Razorback quarterback Ryan Mallett. Wilson has all of the tools needed to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, but does come with durability issues. Wilson was highly scrutinized this past season after Arkansas failed to make a bowl game and finished well under .500. Much of the blame may lie on former Head Coach Bobby Petrino, but with Wilson being the face of the program, he dealt with most of the scrutiny. In the right offense, with the right coaching at the next level, Wilson could be one of the best quarterbacks in this draft class.

Mike Glennon– Glennon is an intriguing prospect right off the bat due to his prototypical pocket-passer size. Standing 6’6’’ tall, Glennon would suit himself well by adding ten pounds to his somewhat frail 232-lb frame. When you see him up close, he looks like a twig. If he’s going to sit in the pocket in the NFL, he’s going to need to bulk up, as he’s going to be taking hits during the first few years of his career. I’m not a fan of comparing college prospects to NFL players, but you see a lot of Tony Romo in Glennon’s game. Sometimes he’ll make throws that will put you on the edge of your seat, and other throws you’ll want to whip your remote at the TV. Glennon could come in and start right away for a few franchises around the league. After a decent Senior Bowl showing, Glennon has moved up draft boards all over the league.

Ryan Nassib – Nassib is the most mind-boggling prospect this year, in my opinion. There’s mock drafts that have him going in the top ten, others have him going in the third or fourth round. The concern with Nassib is that he can make all of the throws, but he doesn’t show it on tape. Nassib’s pro day was something worth noting, as he threw 75 passes, four of which hit the ground due to drops by receivers. He’s proven that he can make any NFL throw in any situation, and very well could be a fit for the Buffalo Bills, especially since the coach that molded him into the player he is today is now the Head Coach in Buffalo, Doug Marrone.