Server Update


I just wanted to let everyone know that we had a server update that is now live, which is why there has been some intermittent down time.  The bottom line is that the FanSided Network has been growing and With the First Pick is a part of that growth.  In order to support that growth and continue expanding our coverage, it is something that needed to be done, it should be all set now, so there should not be issues with the server not responding.

Not only is this good news because it means there is growth within the network as well as this site, but it is also important to note it because the issues with the server over the weekend are not an indication of what the site does normally.  So, I just wanted to let people know what was going on and thank everyone who reads and supports the site.  As the calendar flips over to July, it is that much closer to football and there will be new games to cover and analyze as well as more players to keep an eye on, so plenty of reasons to be excited going forward.

Thanks to the addition to Chad Dinkins, there are usually two articles up per day previewing the upcoming college season and analyzing past season, but look forward to some additional content in the coming months as With the First Pick expands its coverage of the draft, trying to give fans all the in-depth analysis they can handle as well as new content every single day instead of excuses for why there is not.