The Friday Florida Fix: 3 Bold Predictions for Florida’s 2013 Season


April 6, 2013; Gainesville FL, USA; Florida Gators wide receiver Demarcus Robinson (11) catches the ball over defensive back Loucheiz Purifoy (15) during the spring practice for the Orange and Blue Deput at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are many pre-conceived notions about the Gators going into the 2013 college football season that people have, including me. But some of these are just assumptions that people are making based of what they remember from last year, but it’s a new year down in Gainesville, and remember what they say about assumptions. I have three bold predictions for this season for the Florida Gators that, if true, would certainly shock most college football fans.

Prediction #1:

Loucheiz Purifoy will NOT lead the Gators in Interceptions, but rather in Return Touchdowns

While Purifoy is certainly Florida’s most talented member of the secondary, I expect that many quarterbacks are going to try and avoid Purifoy as much as possible so that they don’t risk him picking off the ball, much like teams did with Joe Haden a few years back. This will allow his teammates such as Marcus Roberson, Cody Riggs, and Marcus Maye. My personal opinion is that Roberson will grab the most interceptions, but I could be wrong. It has been rumored that Florida plans to use Purifoy not only on defense, but on offense and special teams as well. Purifoy had seven punt returns last year, and with Florida wanting to expand his roles on special teams, look for him to get more opportunities in the return game, and with those extra returns he is likely to find at least a couple creases to give him a chance at a couple of touchdowns.

Prediction #2:

Antonio “Tank” Morrison will gain at least 100 tackles

With Jon Bostic gone to the NFL, Antonio Morrison has been named his replacement as the starting Middle Linebacker in the Gator’s defense. Morrison not only has one of the most talented defensive lines in the country playing in front of him, he also has a secondary that will lock up the outside and deep areas of the field, which will leave him to patrol the middle and wreak havoc. Morrison has already showed some playmaking ability, just ask EJ Manuel.

Prediction #3:

Austin Hardin Misses a lot of Field Goals that will make Gators fans want to cry

Many assume that Hardin is going to come in and fill the kicker spot that Caleb Sturgis has had for some time and just preform at an elite level. I rather expect that Hardin is going to struggle a lot, and the Gators will be stuck having to run a lot of risky plays on third down without the assurance of knowing their kicker can make the longer kicks. Look for Jeff Driskell to force a lot of balls and maybe end up with more interceptions as a repercussion.