2014 NFL Draft: Pre-Season Breakdown – Robert Herron, WR Wyoming


Nov 5, 2011; Laramie, WY, USA; TCU Horned Frogs linebacker Kenny Cain (51) tackles Wyoming Cowboys wide receiver Robert Herron (6) during the first half at War Memorial Stadium. The Horned Frogs beat the Cowboys 31-20. Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest prospect for Wyoming is certainly Brett Smith, though he would be best served to stay for the 2015 NFL Draft.  For the 2014 Draft, Robert Herron, one of Smith’s wide receivers, is perhaps the best prospect on the Cowboys.  In addition to being relatively anonymous due to playing at Wyoming, he missed four games due to injury, three of which immediately followed his huge game against Texas.  While Herron had some huge games, he only totaled 31 catches but had an impressive 657 yards and 8 touchdowns; he averaged 21.19 yards per reception and a touchdown every fourth catch.

Herron has a nice combination of speed and hands make him a tremendous weapon for Smith and if he can stay healthy, he could be poised for the breakout season he was ready to have last season.  He can still work to improve his ability as a route runner and try to improve his strength and ability to work in the middle of the field and after the catch.  Herron projects as a day three prospect based on last year but he could work himself to an early day three pick and perhaps sneak into the late part of day two because of his explosive ability.

Vitals & Build

Herron is listed at 5’10” 187lbs with tremendous acceleration and speed.  He shows pretty good feet and body control, but his strength seems to show itself more in flashes.  While he might be able to continue adding a little bit of weight, he is not going to get much bigger than 190lbs and he is better off maximizing what he already has.  His physical potential might be somewhat limited but he really does not need more physical development as a player.  Herron just needs to stay healthy and show his ability on the field.

Route Running & Technique

Herron has a good stance and an explosive first step which enables him to put opponents at an immediate disadvantage.  There are times when he does a great job of planting his foot in the ground and firing off into a route well while in others, he will round them off.  The times when he runs crisp routes, he is able to create a significant amount of separation, especially combined with his speed and when he has space and catches the ball, he is able to make small plays into big ones with his speed after the catch.

Herron is able to deceive opponents and set them up to beat them vertically.  Whether he is running a straight vertical route or situations where he is running a wheel or something similar, he is able to work to get on top of opponents and when he has room, his speed is difficult to contain.  As was clearly illustrated in the game against Texas, even players with a tremendous amount of speed and quickness had an incredibly difficult time keeping up with Herron.  While Herron is not afraid to run routes into the middle of the field, he is most commonly used working to the outside of the hashes.  He has been able to play in the slot as well as outside and can function in both roles.


Herron has extremely natural hands and is able to pluck the ball out of the air easily.  He is able to highpoint the football and catch it over his head with little difficulty.  In a few cases, he has shown the ability to make some spectacular catches where he brings the ball in with one hand and demonstrates a terrific catching radius.  Herron is a hands catcher through and through and he is always catching the ball away from his body.  He also does a terrific job of tracking the football when working down the field and makes some plays look far easier than some might realize.

Run After Catch

Herron is able to catch the ball cleanly and get into running after the catch quickly and easily.  He has impressive acceleration and has terrific long speed, so if he has an open lane, Herron can go a long way and is not easy to catch from behind.  Herron also displays some quickness and the ability to make people miss on occasion but with rare exception, he is not someone who is going to break many tackles, so while he can definitely be a factor after the catch, he is going to be able to fight through a ton of contact.

System Fit

Herron’s best fit is likely as a third or fourth receiver at this point.  Whether he is used in the slot or goes to the outside moving someone else inside will depend largely on the team that selects him.  He gives a team the ability to stretch the field deep, but can be a player that can move the chains as well because of his ability to catch the football and get open.  Herron has the potential to start but he could be a tremendous role player immediately.


Sat, Aug. 31at Nebraska
Sat, Sept. 7vs. Idaho
Sat, Sept. 14vs. Northern Colorado
Sat, Sept. 21at Air Force
Sat, Sept. 28at Texas State
Sat, Oct. 12vs. New Mexico
Sat, Oct. 19vs. Colorado State
Sat, Oct. 26at San Jose State
Sat, Nov. 9vs. Fresno State
Sat, Nov. 16at Boise State
Sat, Nov. 23vs. Hawaii
Sat, Nov. 30at Utah State

Notable Games

The opener in Lincoln against Nebraska is an opportunity for Herron to pick up where he left off last year and the Wyoming program to potentially make a statement.  Herron and Smith could be a dangerous combination and one that is tough to stop for the Cornhuskers.  Later in the year, the Cowboys go on the road to play San Jose State in what could end up as a high scoring game in a battle between quarterbacks and former teammates in Smith and David Fales.  The Spartans also have a talented defensive back in Bené Benwikere trying to protect the back end of the defense.  The following week they then face Fresno State at home in another potential shootout with Derek Carr.  Not only will the quarterbacks be facing off but Herron could be going catch for catch with Davante Adams, the Bulldogs young stud receiver.

NFL Comparison

Herron could end up being a similar type threat as T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts.  Like Herron, Hilton came from a smaller Division-I program in Florida International and offers the same type of threat with his speed.  Both have the ability to threaten teams deep with the ability to track and catch the football.  And in both situations, they will likely go from being the top threat at their respective college to a role player at least initially in the NFL.

Draft Projection

There is a significant value for receivers who have speed, hands, and the ability to get open and Herron demonstrates a ton of ability.  His lack of height and size will raise questions and he needs to keep working to be a consistent route runner, but Herron has the ability to move the chains as well as threaten teams over the top, which makes him an intriguing weapon.  While he is still likely to be a day three pick even with improvement, it could be in the fourth round with a far better likelihood of securing a roster spot with the potential to start as a third or fourth receiver with the potential to develop into a starter.