Football is Back: With the First Pick Could Use More Writers


With the college season underway, With the First Pick is looking for a writer or few who are passionate about the NFL Draft and are able to discuss and analyze it.  Since the season has just begun, the opportunity is there to analyze the prospects from start to finish and get a good amount of exposure in the process.  Interested writers should email me at and discuss what they would like to do.  Providing a sample of what your idea would be to contribute certainly helps, but is not required.

As useful a skill as it might be to be able to produce a scouting report for a player, the season just started, so while there is certainly time for when scouting reports will be a part of the process, right now it is analyzing limited tape and being able to make some quality insight while not going overboard in projecting greatness or failure.  I would actually prefer writers who want to think outside of the box and bring a unique perspective that can broaden the readership for this site and give the readers who already come here, to have more to read.

The total number of writers being considered is to be determined, but in reality, as long as good people who are passionate, able to communicate their opinion or analysis, and can bring a unique perspective, I will take as many as I can get.  The goal is to get writers who are interested in writing an article or two per week, but someone who wants to contribute as often as I do certainly would not be bad.  The goal is just to find more quality minds for the game of football with an interest in the draft and give them an outlet to write.