2014 NFL Draft Scouting Report – Bryan Stork, C Florida State


Much is made of the skill players and the quarterback at Florida State, but the offensive line has been outstanding and really makes that team able to operate so well.  The leader of that group is their talented center, Bryan Stork.  Stork has experience at center and as a guard, but he really is a natural at the pivot.  For the Seminoles, he has been outstanding in pass protection as well as in the running game and his skill set expanded the amount of ways the offense could attack opponents.

September 29, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles offensive linesman Bryan Stork (52) against the South Florida Bulls during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Florida State Seminoles defeated the South Florida Bulls 30-17. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Projecting to the NFL, Stork has terrific combination of fundamental technique as an inline blocker with extraordinary athleticism for the position.  He handles both power and quickness well, plays with a ton of effort and shows terrific range.  Occasionally, he can end up on the ground in pass protection, needs to play with more body control in space so he can land more blocks at the second level.  Stork is good and has the potential to get even better in the NFL and projects as a solid top 50 pick with a small chance to get into the back end of the first round.

Vitals & Build

Stork is listed at 6’4” 300lbs with tremendous feet and athleticism.  Stork is pretty strong but he really shows impressive functional strength and power.  He is light on his feet with great range and is a natural bender.  There is a small question with his arm length and just how those measure but he gets through it and excels.  Stork has a great motor and works to the whistle.  His balance can occasionally betray him and that is something he needs to work to improve, but he appears to have the frame to continue adding strength going to the NFL without sacrificing any of his mobility.


His range and ability to move is outstanding.  He has shown the ability to slide and protect out to the outside shoulder of the guard as well as being able to get to the second level with ease.  In fact, Stork has gotten to the second level almost too fast in situations and overrun where he needed to go, which is not a terrible problem to have.  Stork is quick enough where he can pull and get out in the flat to execute screens with ease as well.

Run Blocking

Stork fires off the ball and gets get leverage in the running game.  He is consistently able to play low, bend naturally and move opponents off of the line of scrimmage.  Stork does a good job of working to turn opponents and seal them off from the play but has the ability to push them back as well.  He really maximizes his power with technique so more strength would really allow him to get a good push in the NFL.

Stork has the athleticism to pull.  He does a good job with reach blocking and looks to finish opponents off when they are engaged with teammates.  Stork does a good job of keeping his legs under him when he attacks a block that enables him to keep leverage and keep his legs driving, maintaining his balance.

There is no question he has the athleticism to get to the second level, but he needs to do a better job of hitting opponents in space.  At times, he can be out of control and overrun the play.  Stork works hard, will take on multiple blocks in a given play if he is able to and tries to make an impact on every play.

Pass Protection

When it comes to operating in his gap as a pass protector, Stork is a dominant blocker most of the time.  He handles power extremely well and really establishes a good anchor.  Stork is quick enough where he is able to slide and handle quickness as well, does a good job of using his hands and controlling the opponent when he engages.  There are examples where Stork has one man controlled and will throw an arm out at another opponent trying to slip through in attempt to slow him down for a teammate to get him.  Occasionally, Stork will get caught off balance and end up on the ground.  This does not happen often, but it is something that needs to be addressed and cleaned up going forward.

He does a great job of realizing how opponents are attacking, recognizing blitz concepts and having a good sense of where he needs to be.  As an example, Stork showed on one play where he kept his head on a swivel and saw an opponent trying to attack over in the C gap with no one else to block.  Stork slid over and made the block, both showing his range and showing his awareness on the play.

There are occasional blips on the radar for Stork, but he really does a great job in pass protection the vast majority of the time.


Stork does a good job when it comes to bending, getting in a good position, and using his hands well.  He does a good job with his hand placement and being able to control opponents while keeping them away from his body.  Stork does a good job of always working his feet so he keeps himself between the defender and the ball carrier.  He needs to work on his refining his angles when it comes to hitting opponents in space.

Stork does a great job of snapping and getting his feet in position in one movement.  In pass protection, he is able to get into his drop really well and beat opponents to the spot.  As a run blocker, he is able to snap and fire forward effectively.


This is one of the best areas for Stork.  He has quick feet and is able to cover a good amount of ground.  In pass protection, Stork is able to move really well and stay balanced and under control, enabling him to block opponents without getting overextended.  As a run blocker, he gets to the second level with ease but needs to consistently make the block in the open field.  He is also able to pull and get to screens.

System Fit

Stork is best suited to play in a scheme that allows him to take advantage of his range and athleticism, but he can play in any scheme that needs someone to snap the ball.  For all of his range and athletic ability, he does a terrific job working his gap in both pass protection and run blocking.  Stork should only get stronger with time as well which will make him more potent as time passes.  There is little if anything that suggests Stork is not a plug and play center that can come in and man the position from the day he is drafted.  It is possible he could be picked to play guard, but it is hard to believe that the team who would want a center would allow him to last long enough where a team picked him to play guard and provide depth at center.

NFL Comparison

Stork’s game is similar to of J.D. Walton of the Denver Broncos.  When Walton came out of Baylor, he had that same type of range and athletic ability.  Stork is more ready to contribute out of the gate than Walton, but both have a terrific understanding of the position.  Walton’s fit in Denver has been fantastic and it remains to be seen if Stork will be drafted into that type of scheme, but he has the ability to be a center for a team over the next decade.

Draft Projection

Bryan Stork has a ton of qualities that will make attractive to the NFL.  He has a great deal of athletic ability, understands the position and technique and brings a ton of experience.  As good as he has been for the Seminoles, he appears as though he could get stronger and continue to improve in the NFL.  He needs to hammer out the details when it comes to his balance that will occasionally have him on the ground as well as his angles hitting opponents in space.  Stork projects as a top 50 pick and should be a plug and play center for whichever team ultimately picks him.

Some of the film used in this scouting breakdown was provided by the good folks at draftbreakdown.com