Texans Jadeveon Clowney undergoes hernia surgery


Jadeveon Clowney, the first overall pick of the Houston Texans, had to have surgery to treat a sports hernia yesterday according to the team.  Bill O’Brien, the first year head coach seems confident that Clowney will be ready for training camp, but this is certainly not the start to Clowney’s career that anyone wanted.  It is unclear if he had this and was going to need treatment since the team drafted him and just wanted him to be participate in their minicamp or more likely, he developed the issue since they took him first overall.

Sports hernias are extremely treatable and the prognosis should be fine, but it does require time to recover.  Dealing with them comes down to how much pain a person can tolerate as it is the type of issue that causes pain just to move.  Some players have played through them or tried and failed.

The hope for Clowney is that he can get through this and be 100% at the time of training camp.  If there is a silver lining, it is in the fact that it could help other areas of his body as the final season of college football plus the draft process is an incredible grind that can wear down a prospect and this type of injury forces them to rest, which can have a positive effect.  Clowney dealt with bone spurs in college, which is what gave him issues with pain and caused some to question his work ethic.  His feet were in a ton of pain.  Hopefully Clowney can recover fully and play up to his talent alongside J.J. Watt as the cornerstones of the Texans defense.