Tennessee Titans sign second round pick Bishop Sankey


The Tennessee Titans have signed second round pick Bishop Sankey, according to his agent.  Sankey was the second pick of the Titans’ draft but the first overall running back selected this year.  Sankey was an incredibly productive back at the University of Washington that took many by surprise with how well he worked out at the NFL Scouting Combine.  He should be a huge part of the Titans offense in his rookie year and could be the missing piece they have needed to be consistent on that side of the ball.

The Titans overhauled the interior of their offensive line last year as well as adding weapons on the outside.  This year, they continued investing in the offensive line by selecting Taylor Lewan in the first round to play right tackle at least for the moment, which should improve their pass protection but also work to create more running lanes for Sankey.

Chris Johnson’s precipitous decline just would not end in Tennessee and they let him go, so Sankey will have every opportunity to take pressure off of Jake Locker, who could use Sankey’s ability to run the ball as well as catch it to take pressure off of him as well as help him avoid taking the hits that have led to the injuries that have derailed his progress.

If Sankey can come in and hit the ground running and Locker can play up to the level of play he has displayed when he has been healthy and gotten into a groove, it could be the key for a big turnaround for the Titans under new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and potentially allow them to compete for a spot in the playoffs.