Miami Hurricanes Duke Johnson declares himself healthy, stronger


Miami Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson has declared himself 100% healthy after suffering a broken leg in their game against Florida State last year, according to The Associated Press.  Additionally, the junior back has made the most of his time recovering and added what he estimates is around 15lbs of added muscle for the upcoming season.  Johnson is part of what could be an extremely talented class of running backs that could end up declaring for the 2015 NFL Draft.

In the meantime, the Hurricanes have the center piece to their offense back in yet another attempt for the program to be able to declare the U being “back”.  Miami being one of the elite programs at different times has them in a small group of collegiate programs where any time they get on a decent run, the question is invariably asked if they are back to being able to be at the peak of their powers.

The Hurricanes with a healthy Johnson were undefeated at 7-0 at the time of the injury and while they were a massive underdog against Florida State no matter who was healthy, they were obviously at a disadvantage for the rest of their slate and finished the season a disappointing 9-4 with a brutal loss in their bowl game against Louisville.  

Johnson had an impressive 920 yards on 145 carries and 6 touchdowns on the ground along with 4 catches for 77 yards through the air before the injury occurred.  Healthy and stronger, he has a chance to put his name up with the group of outstanding backs from that program that have gone on to huge success in the NFL whenever he ultimately declares.