Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel questions a distraction according to teammates


At the annual NFL rookie symposium, which is designed to inform and educate draft picks entering the league on some of the potential pitfalls off of the playing field, media took opportunities to ask players questions.  According to two different players, fellow Cleveland Browns rookies are tired of being asked about Johnny Manziel, particularly when it comes to the off the field stuff.  Both Terrance West and Chris Kirksey voiced displeasure over media members badgering them about what Manziel does away from football.

It is important to note that no player has said they are tired of Manziel or has said they have an issue with Manziel and what he is doing; they are simply tired of being asked to comment on what he did or did not do when they are not working on football.  Kirksey simply said they wanted to focus on football.  West said it is a distraction.

Since Manziel has been drafted, the NFL, both locally and nationally have been obsessed with him on and off the field.  Manziel has said he is tired of being asked about what he is doing off the field, does not believe it will interfere with anything on the field and is unhappy with the fact that teammates are being asked about it so much.  He insists that he is nothing but a rookie and has not done anything that would warrant this much attention.  Manziel also made sure to mention he is not changing for anyone.

There will be media members trying to twist what the players actually said into making Manziel into a distraction as opposed to their constant focus on him being the distraction.  Ben Tate noted his annoyance with being asked about Manziel in OTAs.  This has started with trying to laugh it off and say the stuff is silly.  It is getting more vocal and more forceful.  This should only get worse if the media continues down this path.