Leonard Williams, College Football’s Best NFL Prospect

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Oct 11, 2014; Tucson, AZ, USA; Southern California Trojans defensive end Leonard Williams (94) against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium. The Trojans defeated the Wildcats 28-26. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Other than college production, G.M.s around the NFL are looking for all kinds of different things when drafting football players.

Some look more for height, weight and speed.

Others look more for scheme fit.

Then there are those that look more for intangibles.

There are also those that get desperate and draft based purely on position need.

But the best G.M.s look for the best overall player on the board to simply collect talent regardless of what their position is. When those desperate-to-fill-a-need G.M.s skip the best player and it doesn’t work out, it sets his franchise back a few years. Drafting the best player on the board if not anything else gives you a good player that at the very least becomes a trade asset.

But if you get a superstar, which you generally get with the first pick in the draft, you can trade the other player at his position. If the next Joe Montana is coming out, you pick him and NFL teams will be lined up to trade for the quarterback you already had. If the next Lawrence Taylor is coming out, do the same thing and your franchise is guaranteed to succeed going forward.

The 2015 draft class is no where as deep as the 2014 class but there is one such a young man that’s coming out in the draft. USC Trojans defensive lineman Leonard Williams is that sure-fire prospect that’s you can plug and play the next 10  years. He will be a superstar and is everything you want and need in a football player to build your franchise around.

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