2015 NFL Draft Prospect Phillip Dorsett

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Answering Questions

Dorsett has come a long way as that can be what has him projected to be drafted in the fourth round in May. Many still hold the two well thrown bombs he dropped against the No. 9 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish in 2012 against him. That big-stage impression has lasted because a torn ACL prevented him from showing the improvement he made for 2013.

So by the time the 2014 season comes,many questioned if the speed was still there to go with questions about Dorsett’s hands. And so far this season, the hard work that Dorsett has put in is showing in his play and scouts should be taking notice. His hands are much improved as he catches the ball away from his body with ease and can even go up and get a jump ball.

And for those that wonder if he has his speed back, there’s no reason to because no one he’s played against can run with him. Corners better have help over the top when covering him because once he get’s past you, you can’t have him back. As a matter of fact, I expect Dorsett to be the fastest man at the combine as he already broke a University of Miami record with a 4.21 40-yard dash.